On our way to Europe: Mixvoip, a company “programmed” in Luxembourg

The company Mixvoip was founded by Loic Didelot and Pascal Knebler in 2008. With lots of curiosity and joy for technology, they started the adventure of developing a phone system in Luxembourg. Building a start-up and standing up to the competition was a lot of work, but today, Mixvoip counts more than 4000 customers and operates in four countries. What makes us unique, is our young team of around 100 employees. With 16 languages spoken, we are already an international company, and it is a privilege for all of us to be working every day with such motivated and intelligent people. Therefore, we would like to introduce a few of them.

“Even as a career changer you have good chances” – Nausicaa Rouge

“I’ve been working for Mixvoip for eight years. Initially, I studied political science, but then I found out about Mixvoip. The company only had ten employees and I liked its start-up atmosphere right away. Today, we break all boundaries – we even operate in my home country Belgium. As Head of Sales, I’m responsible for the sales team and for adapting our products and services to the market. On the way to my current position, I have learnt a bit of everything, for example about project management and invoicing. All our departments are working together closely, and it is really interesting to see the constant progress.”

“You can move up at Mixvoip even without work experience” – Christophe Laures

“I did my final internship at Mixvoip and then I just stayed. But if you want to work here, you don’t necessarily need a degree, the will to learn and to make progress is much more important. In the beginning, I helped out in several departments. Meanwhile, I noticed that I’m very interested in the development and today I’m leading our development department. As a team leader, I am able to pass on my knowledge! I have a lot of responsibilities but working closely with my colleagues is also a lot of fun. I especially enjoy the informal atmosphere and the friendly way of dealing with all employees.

“Mixvoip always has a sympathetic ear for its employees” – Marcin Rzeczkowski

“I started working for Mixvoip after my studies. It was an opportunity to prove my abilities and to grow with a young company. Now I’m CTO, and I make decisions regarding technical and development issues. I take care of keeping everything in order and of resolving problems as fast as possible. This has not only allowed me to apply and improve my skills, but I have also learned to promote talents in the best possible way. Ten years ago, we were still in our baby shoes and Loïc always made sure, that we had a good time together!”

“The ambition of each employee knows no limits” – Samuel Kubiak

“At Mixvoip I have learnt to work with many different people. More than 100 employees and 16 nationalities from all over the world, but we all share one common goal: to make the best of us, of our abilities and of the company. I always had international ambitions and the wish to take on new markets brought me to Mixvoip. This and love – my wife is working for Mixvoip, so I already knew the company. Of course, I had to acquire the necessary knowledge first, because I was working in the automotive sector before, but I enjoy working here.”

“Everyone is allowed to grow and develop” – Clemens Kissinger.

I learned about Mixvoip through a joint project with my former employer. Since I wasn’t too happy with my job, I sent out an application without further ado. Then, I started working for Mixvoip as an on-site employee and support agent. I became Technical Director, and now I’m leading the support team. In addition, I collaborate with partners since this requires a lot of technical coordination. My training as an IT specialist prepared me well for my work, and still, I learned very much over the last couple of years.”

“The international flair makes our work very interesting” – Jörn Brinkmann.

“During my time as an independent consultant, I had the opportunity to introduce a phone system for a Luxembourg-based company with the requirement to include smartphones as extensions. I was rejected many times until I contacted Mixvoip. There they said: we don’t have it, but it sounds interesting. Three years later, I started working for Mixvoip in the sales department. At the beginning of 2022, I transferred to our German subsidiary to manage it. The German market is more complex, but Mixvoip can show its strengths: speed, flexibility, and customer proximity. Working with such diverse nationalities is a lot of fun.”

“We can all contribute our ideas” – Frédéric Vanholder.

“I worked for many different companies, but Mixvoip is special because everything had to be developed from scratch. A colleague told me about this start-up with its three employees, and I joined the adventure when only the first line of its story was written. As a salesperson, I recognize customers’ needs and present solutions that perfectly match their requirements and budget. The range of our customers is so broad that we address our solutions to a wide variety of people. This creates the necessity to acquire new skills constantly.”

“I would describe Mixvoip as flexible and dynamic” – Marc Tholl

“A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon Mixvoip while I was searching for a job as a Linux system administrator. I remember this time fondly, we often had a barbecue during our lunch break… once we forgot the time and suddenly, Mixvoip was closed all afternoon. Such things don’t happen anymore, but still, it never gets boring. Fending off hackers and securing our network takes a lot of time. The challenges take hold of us every day anew, but that’s what makes our work so interesting, even if we’re thrown in at the deep end sometimes! Right now, I’m learning how to lead a team for example and that is exactly what it is about: learning by doing.”

“The colleagues are great, and so is the work atmosphere” – Mathieu Derouck.

“I’ve never worked long for a company. And I started working for Mixvoip because I wanted to cover six months while waiting for a position to become available at another company. I didn’t expect to fall in love with Mixvoip, but a few days later, I knew I wanted to stay. And my decision was worth it: I was promoted in less than a year. My ability to obtain a general overview, understand problems and find solutions has developed quickly through work. Now, my team and I ensure that customers’ orders are implemented smoothly.”

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