3 Voxbi calling features for highly efficient teams

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Today, support and sales teams prioritize tasks to maximize productivity, optimize operations, and better track performance. Discover the three calling features of your Voxbi phone system that can skyrocket your team’s efficiency. Learn how your company can benefit from them. 

To achieve these key targets, customer-facing teams should focus on bringing more value to prospects and clients when interacting with them. They should also simplify low-value daily workflows and prioritize the core activities that will positively impact the company’s bottom line.

To help your customer-centric teams be more productive and better performing, you should provide them with the right tools. Implementing a cloud telephony solution is a step further in the right direction. 

The benefits of the VoIP phone system are many and undeniable. So it is essential to know which of all calling functionalities can enhance your team’s velocity. Read on to discover which features of your business phone app contribute most to having highly-efficient teams.

Call Forwarding

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Call forwarding (or call transfer) is a system feature that enables incoming calls to be redirected to another phone number or extension. So, when someone calls a particular number, the call is forwarded to a different phone number or extension. The caller is connected to the right agent – even without knowing the exact phone number of that employee.

Why is this feature important for customer-facing teams?

Long waiting times are often one of the most frustrating things for customers trying to contact support agents. Moreover, many clients stop buying the company’s products or services if they have an unpleasant customer experience. They often go online to share their disappointment. So offering excellent client service can make a difference for your company. 

Leveraging your enhanced phone system can help you provide better support. Every customer interaction is a chance to stand out and build a stronger relationship with your target audience. Voxbi business phone system allows blind and attended transfers for incoming or outgoing calls. These advanced features ensure a seamless transfer of calls to the most relevant person based on skills and availability.

With the Blind transfer, your team can forward the call immediately to the designated and available agent. That minimizes the waiting time and connects the caller to the person who can help.

Voxbi phone solution also offers an Attended transfer. That is another advanced feature that can skyrocket your team’s efficiency. With its help, the caller is put on hold (hearing music) while the call recipient contacts a colleague with relevant information about who is calling and why. The Attended transfer optimizes customer service as the initial caller should not repeat these details and can go straight to the point once connected to the right agent.

Call transfer is about helping prospects or customers speak to the most relevant representative. Thanks to the advanced capabilities of Voxbi business phone solution, you always know who is available and whether that agent has the right skills to assist your caller. You get this information when you enter the intended recipient extension number in the transfer field, as their phone, presence, and location status are instantly visible. 

The real-time status changer is an essential feature integrated into your Voxbi phone app and plays a key role during call forwarding. When you transfer the call, you are always aware of the recipient’s availability. The phone, presence, and location status appear in the search results as soon as you start typing the extension number for the transfer. That ensures that your caller is always connected to a co-worker, ready to take the call, and with the right skills or knowledge to help.

Benefits of call transfer for sales and support teams

Improved customer service: Call transfer allows sales and support teams to quickly and efficiently redirect incoming calls to the appropriate department or team member, which ensures that customers receive prompt and accurate help.

Increased productivity: With call transfer, sales and support teams can avoid missed calls and ensure that every customer inquiry is addressed even if the intended call recipient is unavailable.

Greater flexibility: Call transfer allows team members to work remotely from different locations, as calls can be easily redirected to mobile devices or other phone numbers.

Enhanced collaboration: With call transfer, team members can easily share customer inquiries and collaborate on solutions, which can help to improve overall team performance and customer satisfaction.

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Merging calls and creating a Conference Call

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Creating a conference call via your cloud phone system allows multiple people to participate in a single call, regardless of their location. Voxbi telephony tool enables you to merge calls with a single click, thus instantly creating conference calls and remote meetings.

Merging incoming and outgoing calls into one conversation is the perfect solution for telemeetings with participants from multiple locations. While it is a popular solution for regularly planned online meetings, call merging can be used for effectively solving urgent issues.

An agent on the phone with a caller can hassle-free add another co-worker to the conversation to provide additional insights on the discussed topic. This option speeds up customer service workflows allowing you to add as many employees to the initial call as needed to serve your callers better.

Call conference is an enhanced feature that helps you build trustworthy and agile teams who solve customers’ issues by inviting the most relevant (by skills and availability) teammates from any location to the discussion.

The benefits of conference calls

Enhanced teamwork: Conference calls allow team members to collaborate and share ideas in real-time, regardless of their physical location. That can help to improve collaboration and facilitate faster decision-making.

Cost savings: Conference calls can be more cost-effective than in-person meetings, as they eliminate the need for travel and other associated expenses.

Time savings: Conference calls can save participants time, as they can be scheduled quickly and easily, without extensive travel or preparation.

Flexibility: Conference calls can be organized anywhere with a reliable phone or internet connection. That can help to accommodate team members who are working remotely or located in different time zones.

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Outbound calls have never been easier.

hotkeys keyboard

Sales and support teams have one of the most intensive phone-based jobs in the company. Spending so much time on the phone requires knowing some life hacks in the busy daily call flow that will save time and effort. Starting and ending a call with shortcut keys only offers excellent flexibility and high efficiency for your customer service and sales departments.

If you have installed the Voxbi desktop app, you can speed up the calling process immensely by using its feature for making or terminating a call via keyboard hotkeys. You can apply the default settings for initiating a call with F9 and ending an ongoing call with SHIFT+F9. Additionally, you can set your shortcut combination based on personal preferences.

With your phone desktop app for Windows, calling a number from unlimited contacts lists, from the Voxbi interface, or straight from email signatures can be made simply by highlighting the number and pressing F9 (or any other hotkey you choose personally). Thus you do not waste time entering numbers, avoid misdialing, and can focus on your primary task – to serve or to sell better.

Benefits of keyboard shortcut for call handling

Increased Efficiency: Keyboard shortcuts can help to speed up the call initiation process, allowing users to make calls more quickly and efficiently. That can be especially helpful for individuals who need to make multiple calls in a short amount of time.

• Improved Accuracy: By using a keyboard shortcut to initiate a call, users can reduce the risk of making mistakes when dialing phone numbers manually. That ensures that calls are directed to the correct recipient and lowers the likelihood of misdialing or entering incorrect numbers.

Ease of Use: Keyboard shortcuts are often simple and intuitive, making them a preferable tool for customer-facing teams trying to make the most of their desktop phone app. That can be especially helpful for onboarding new employees who may not be as familiar with the app’s user interface.

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Opting for a cloud telephony solution as the company’s business phone system is a big step towards enhancing the efficiency of your customer-facing teams. There are multiple ways in which the phone system increases productivity by providing advanced features, integrated communication channels, analytics and reporting, and improved accessibility.

Knowing the specific call features of your system enables teams who are constantly on the phone to optimize their call flows by minimizing the time spent on technicalities and focusing solely on their core goal – serving customers better, helping callers with their queries, or selling more. By leveraging business phone app capabilities, teams can optimize workflows, improve customer service, and drive business growth.

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