From Challenger to Leader

In June 2019, Openfield conducted the first benchmark on cloud PBX providers in Luxembourg. Mixvoip ranked first.

On June 3rd, 2019 we saw the release of the first study on Cloud Telephony in Luxembourg. The study aimed to provide industry professionals with an overview of the main service provider. It recognizes Mixvoip as the leading service provider for Cloud Telephony services. Loïc Didelot – founder and CEO of Mixvoip – explains what it means.

In your opinion, what differentiates your company from its competitors?

Loïc Didelot – “At Mixvoip, it is not our practice to buy a solution from one company, combine it with a product obtained from another company, and sell the whole package to a third party, our client” (#boxmoving). Rather, we designed and created our own Cloud Telephone Exchange (Mixpbx) and we’ve been improving it constantly for the last 10 years.

We were convinced that making calls over the Internet would change the way we communicate.
We were proven right.

VoIP is now becoming a staple of professional businesses, thanks in part to the advantages it offers in terms of functionality, cost, and flexibility, compared with traditional telephony systems. Before we designed our own Cloud Exchange, nobody among our founding team and developers had any extensive expertise in telephony. We paid close attention to our clients’ feedback in order to develop practical solutions to the challenges they most commonly encounter. That’s how we can now offer customized solutions. With total control over the solution from A to Z, we have the agility needed to adapt it to specific needs, without waiting on third-party partners (#agility). That really defines our company’s spirit and explains how we often come up with new practical solutions. For instance, our conference webpage. With a few clicks, anyone can access our 100% free online conference room (#customerfirst).

What is the impact of this study?

This study by Openfield rewards our services with the recognition they deserve. As pioneers of Cloud Telephony in Luxembourg, we developed real expertise in terms of technical solutions and installations. We also always attached great importance to providing quick and easily accessible technical support. The study confirms that we’re headed in the right direction. The main area in which we have to improve is sales documentation. No matter how good a product is, packaging also matters. The same applies to professional communication solutions. We’re currently working on this aspect, as part of our tireless efforts to continue improving our services.

“In summary, the study helps us to improve ourselves.” #improveourselves.

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