This function gives you details and numbers of one or more profiles that you have access to.




PIDOptional parameter. Profile ID (also known as customer number).


This function returns a JSON string in the form of
code is an HTTP status code and the message is a descriptive text about the returned code.
If the code is 200, there’ll be a key called data in the return which is a JSON encoded array of records that themselves are arrays with these keys:

idProfile ID.
tagA customizable tag for billing purposes.
emailThe company’s billing email address. There may be more than one, they are seperated by comma or semi-colon.
vatnumberThe company’s VAT number.
vatrateThe VAT rate in %.
addressThe company’s billing address.
zipThe company’s billing postal code.
cityThe company’s billing city.
countryThe company’s billing country.
paymethodThe method with which the profile is paying. These values are possible:
prepaid: the profile is making prepayments.
invoice: the profile is making bank transfers.
sepa: the profile has signed a direct debit mandate.
credit card: the profile has registered a credit card to be charged.
creditThe profile’s prepaid credit balance in €.
statusThe profile’s status.
closedateThe date on which the profile was or will be closed.
fixnumbersA JSON encoded array of the profile’s fixed phone numbers.
mobilenumbersA JSON encoded array of the profile’s MIXmobile phone numbers. This array has 2 keys:
number: the mobile phone number.
name: a customizable name for your convenience (e.g. for identifying purposes).