• First, log in to your my.mixvoip.com interface. Click on the “conference” tab in the menu.
  • Fill in the boxes with your parameters: Start date, valid until, and a comment if necessary.
  1. In the “type” box, select the second choice, “Mixvoip.xyz”.
  2. Then click on “Create conference”
  • The new conference will appear in the list below. By clicking on the three dots at the bottom right of the conference, you can access different options :
  • Invite people
  • Host meeting
  • Delete conference
Mymixvoip interface
  • Invite people

Add a title, and choose the language of your conference. Then copy the link on the right and share it with the participants.

  • Organize a meeting

Access the Whereby interface and choose your camera, microphone, and speaker.
To start it, click on the button “Join meeting”.

  • Delete the conference