giga internet 3Gbits business offer exclusive

Internet 3Gbit/s – Offre pro exclusive

“Etre ultra rapide c’est bien. Etre ultra accompagné, c’est encore mieux”  Loic Didelot, CEO Mixvoip.
C’est dans cette optique que Mixvoip, opérateur B2B, a construit ses offres Giga: SLA 24/7, IPv4 fixe, contrat court terme…

yealink conference phone

Top 7 conference phones of 2021

The best conference phones will deliver high-quality audio and video calls for your remote meetings. They should be easy to manage, use and set up. Find out the top 7 conference phones of 2021 and choose the right one for your business.

happy emoticons

Smile, it’s World Emoji Day!

We already take emojis as an integral part of our digital style and culture. Those tiny symbolic icons help us “humanize” communication over the internet – when we cannot see the faces or hear the voices of the people with whom we chat or exchange emails.