Why I chose to blog in 2022

Author: Loïc Didelot | Date: 08/01/2022

It is 2022, and I think I should start a blog and tweet about it. I know this is not the most revolutionary idea, and it seems I am very late to the game, so why bother to start now?

I just turned 40, and the company I started in 2008 when I was 26 has grown a lot since then. Today, we count 100 employees. When Mixvoip was created, I was still young and did not think I had anything to share. Back then, I was probably right, and I had no noticeable audience that would have wanted to read my blog. I had no employees, customers, or even shareholders. My co-founder Pascal Knebler and I were working alone, and Mixvoip was only supposed to become a small VoIP provider. We had no ambitions to go big or expand to other countries.

But things have changed, and I had to learn a lot about management, finances, marketing, and other important areas for leading a company. I am sure I made many mistakes in the process, but I also learned a lot from these mistakes. That’s why I want to share them. Communication with anyone, whether shareholders, employees, or customers, is always challenging, and my plan for this blog is to present my beliefs, opinions, vision, and mistakes.

I made many mistakes in the process but I also learned a lot from these mistakes. That’s why I want to share them.

Loïc Didelot, CEO of Mixvoip

Those who will read my blog and who are working with me can use this input to remind me of past mistakes when I am about to commit them again – or to challenge me whenever it is required. And at this point, I would like to address all those who continuously challenge other people because they think there is true value in being the devil’s advocate. Of course, people need challenges to grow, and ideas need to be discussed. But often, people try by all means to convince others of their opinion or to prove that they are right. Personally, I think it is better to support an initial idea that inspired them and apply corrections along the way. With countless hours and days of arguing, no one is getting anywhere. Instead, we all should try to collaborate and do actual work.

Now, is my blog a good idea? We could argue that a CEO is wasting his time by writing articles, that there are more important matters, and maybe even that I have nothing to share anyway. All those might be valid points, but I prefer to try, move fast and find out fast. Do baby steps, but do them fast.

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