On our way to Europe: Mixvoip, a company “programmed” in Luxembourg (2/2)

Employees are the backbone of every company and its most valuable asset. That statement is incorporated into Mixvoip’s culture and vision. So let us continue our journey today and introduce you to a few more Mixvoip’s 103 employees! In addition to its headquarters in Steinsel, Luxembourg, the company has three more sites in Germany, Belgium, and Bulgaria. Here, people from many diverse cultures and countries come together to work, and their tasks couldn’t be more exciting and challenging.

Mixvoip consists of nine departments: developers, network and system administrators, IT, service delivery, on-site technicians, support, sales, management, and marketing. All departments work closely together to offer the best possible service to the 4340 customers in 23 countries. “Our success depends on our commitment to our customers for quality, failure-free service delivery and our recognition of our employees and partners”, says Loïc Didelot, one of the founders and CEO of the company. Mixvoip has activated telephone numbers in 62 countries, which are used to make 67 million calls per year. In addition, there are 2920 internet lines, 27600 Cloud PBX users (a Private Branch Exchange is a phone system), 7 data centers in 3 countries, and 1160km of connected fiber optic cables.

“What have I learned? The question should rather be what I have not yet learned here” – Thomas Kolb

“I got to know many different business areas before I started working for Mixvoip. Today, I am a Product and Account Manager and I work closely with the management, our marketing, and sales departments to develop new products. Furthermore, I analyze customer demands to offer the best solutions to their companies. Overall, our tasks here are so diverse that you never stop learning. What makes me exceptionally proud is that my first product was copied nearly completely by our competitors. This showed me, that we are on the right way!”

“I am the oldest on the team, but age doesn’t matter here!” – Philippe Corgié

“Before Mixvoip, I worked in the paper industry in Belgium. Then, I met Loïc, and he offered me a job, and I switched to the industry and the country. My field of activity has changed by 100% in the last few years. Today, I’m the Chief Administrative Officer, overseeing legal matters, human resources, and many other small tasks. My job is very varied, and that’s exactly what I like about it. All in all, Mixvoip is a fantastic adventure for me, even if it isn’t always easy, but witnessing the journey from a small start-up to an aspiring company is exciting. ”

“You can always rely on your colleagues to be there to support you.” – Leini Wolff

“I was working for another provider before I came to Mixvoip. There, I was responsible for on-site installations. At Mixvoip, I then switched from field service to office service. Now, I’m a support agent and I answer inquiries to help with questions and to resolve technical problems. I became interested in Mixvoip right away because it is a provider without cumbersome hierarchies. On the contrary, it’s like a big family where you can always count on the help of others. Even today, three years later, I’m still very happy about my decision to change employers: I feel comfortable here and my technical knowledge has grown considerably.”

“Unlike many others, we don’t have tedious processes.” – Pascal Knebler

“I used to have my own company where I worked with Loïc before I sold it and we spontaneously came up with a new business idea together. It quickly became clear that we were most familiar with telephony and wanted to stay in this field. Flexibility was especially important to us and that’s exactly how I would describe Mixvoip even 14 years later: flexible, dynamic, and innovative. As a CIO, I work in management and look after customers. At the same time, I’m the CEO of our Belgian subsidiary and I act as a link between our sites. Adapting our strategy to foreign markets in Belgium and Germany is essential. However, the most difficult thing about building a company is not the products, but finding the people to complete our puzzle piece by piece.”

“We drive ourselves and thereby, the company forward at the same time.” – Antoine Cavelier

“After nine years as an independent IT consultant, I received the opportunity to work with Mixvoip. The cooperation went well, therefore I decided to become a permanent employee in 2018. Since 2021, I’m leading our IT department and I work closely with our customers to adapt our solutions to their requirements. In the beginning, I wasn’t used to working in a team, but the other employees are very open-minded and talented, so I quickly got used to it. Moreover, we promote our talents and motivate everyone to develop further. But Mixvoip is also about team building – for example when we run around the office with our nerf guns and try to hit each other. Once, I accidentally set off the fire alarm…”

“We never back down from anything, we go on the offensive!” – Frank Maitry

“I am an engineer with a master’s degree in communication technology, and I had my own company. As a consultant, I was working for Mixvoip, too, before I decided to start working as a full-time employee for this company. Sometimes, it’s not easy to work in a young team when you have a lot of experience, but I learned to adapt. Most of the time, I am on the road looking after clients, and time and again I notice Mixvoip’s incredible development. In the beginning, it was great when we managed to sell five phones per day, but that is nothing compared to what we now achieve daily. I do my part because nothing can stop me when I have a goal. I love challenges and that is why I am a perfect fit for Mixvoip.”

“Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to learn from it.” – Emil Stoyanov

“When Mixvoip was founded, I was just earning my Ph.D. I was interested in telecommunications and therefore, I was working on a Softphone project. I contacted Mixvoip and soon, a dream came true for me because they put my idea into action! Afterward, I started working for them as a developer, and sometime later, I got my own team to develop some of our applications. I do my best to make these applications as user-friendly as possible. Oftentimes, this process turns out to be rather lengthy and it costs us a lot of nerves, but in the end, it’s still fun. Since day one, Mixvoip is about an informal, entertaining, but nonetheless productive working style – this combination of culture and environment is addictive.”

“I was immediately hooked by the dynamics and collegiality.” – Marco L. Abreu

“I pursued many professions before joining Mixvoip as a UX designer. My initial contract was for six months, but it was extended, and I got a job as a team leader. Mixvoip is not only a good place to work, but also a place where friendships develop – we occasionally organize video game tournaments, for example, where all the employees can join and get to know each other better while having fun. But in the meantime, my task as a so-called Product Owner and Head of Design and User Experience is to further develop our present system and our telephony solution. This has taught me a lot about the art of keeping user demands and company requirements in check.”

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