Real time status dashboard & digital clocking system


Real time status dashboard & digital clocking system

Manage all your incoming and outgoing calls in one convenient dashboard

powerful collaboration tool
Location status

Location status indicates if a colleague is at his desk, in the office or away

Phone status

Show if a person is available, on-call or DND. Launch a call directly from the dashboard

Calculate daily working time

Overtime, holidays and sick leaves are calculated automatically

Multi-devices app

With a click, workers can easily set their status from desktop, smartphone, desk phone

Customizable dashboard

Create a dashboard that gives the information your business needs and personalize it as you want. Define your own status, icons and colours as well

Call-flow management

SOOP is integrated with our cloud PBX solution. You can set call-routing based on the group and the real-time status. Call centres can be managed with SOOP too

EU Working Time Directive

EU Member States must require employers to set up a system enabling the duration of daily working time to be measured

Going further with our HR Suite

HR Suite intergration

User Interface

Digital clocking system

Personal reports & correction requests

Administrator Interface

Work shifts integration

Schedules integrations

Specific status rules

100% automated working hours calculation

Salary software integration

Compensatory balance

Manage holidays requests

Multi-level validation and permissions

Multiple companies management

Custom HR module development

Improve your
internal communication

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