Mixvoip, the Luxembourg-based specialist for telephony and internet, took one more step. The local company that keeps on growing also intends to expand internationally. Within ten years, Mixvoip was able to impose itself in Luxembourg’s economic and technological landscape. Now, it made public the acquisition of Voipgate, completed at the end of last December.

With its 50 employees, the company saw the light of day in 2008. «Our customers are companies, both from the public and private sectors. We are exclusively working B2B», explains Loïc Didelot (CEO of Mixvoip) to Paperjam.

«Our two main services are Cloud PBX (a phone system hosted in the cloud) and SIP Trunk (another IP-based telephony system, which offers significant cost-saving opportunities for companies). Until today, we have conquered quite a bit of the Luxembourg market, especially at the level of SMEs.»

Service and innovation

The acquisition of Voipgate, a pioneer in the VoIP field known for its mastery of SIP technology, therefore seems obvious. «Our competencies complete each other», adds Loïc Didelot. «Voipgate’s employees are already well integrated, bringing a lot to the table. We also profit from their customer portfolio. This will further strengthen our position. Above all, rather than fighting for certain customers, we can focus on service and innovation.»

This step might be a little wink of fate since Voipgate Loïc Didelot’s first employer. «This is the first company I’ve worked for», Didelot confirms. «This takeover is the proof that I left without upsetting anybody!»

An interest in Belgium

Mixvoip’s ambitions don’t stop here. In their field of activity, the dilemma is the same as for a shark in the ocean: if it stops, it dies. «We don’t have any problems in Luxembourg», concludes the CEO, who now wants to reinforce his position. «In the past year, we recorded a growth of 67%. The year before 2017, it already was at 50%.» Outside of Luxembourg, we still have room to grow. After Mixvoip SPRL was created in Brussels, the company turned its eyes to Liège with a clear interest in the Belgian market.