To activate the Zoho integration you must login to and click on the CRM Integrations in the Mixpbx tab.

Here you select Zoho CRM as CRM Type.

  • Zoho Datacenter: Here you can select between Europe or the USA. This is where your CRM installation is hosted. This can be found out by contacting the Zoho Support.

Afterwards, to link the CRM with the Mixpbx, you have to click on request access and you will get a User Code. This code has to be entered in the Zoho CRM. The URL to enter the code can be found below the User Code. This code is only valid for 30 Seconds. The request access step can be repeated when the code is invalid. When the code has been entered and the Permissions have been Granted to Mixvoip you can click on the Enable button to confirm the Link between Mixvoip and Zoho. Once this is done you have to click on the Push configuration button in the Extensions menu to sync the PBX with the CRM.

Zoho user configuration

To link a Zoho user to an Extension you have to enter the email (which is linked to the Zoho User in the Extensions menu) in the E-mail field. When you make a change here you have to click on the Push configuration button so that the user is synced to the PBX.

Enabling/Disabling Integration & Click2Dial

To enable / disable the integration or the Click2Dial you have check boxes on the CRM Integrations tab.

  • When Enable Integration is not checked the CRM won’t be notified when calls are revived or made via the PBX.
  • When Enable Click2Dail is not checked you won’t be able to make calls from the CRM.
  • When changing a value here you have to press the Push configuration button in the Extensions menu in order to apply the changes on the PBX.