This function can be used to move recorded calls from a server to a local machine. The function establishes a connection to the given server with the username and password provided. The username and password are checked for authentication. On success, the function will return several results according to the action.


  • script: recordings.php
  • domain: domain to connect to (
  • username: sip username
  • password: manager password (found in Configuration on your Mixvoip webinterface)
  • action: index | download | delete
  • id: used if action=get or action=delete. Points to a file.
  • calluid: enables downloading/deleting a call by its calluid (returned for example by this API)

Return values

  • action=index

Returns a JSON-encoded array of IDs that point to available recordings.

  • action=download

Returns the read state of the file passed through the ID.

  • action=delete

Deletes the file passed through the ID on the server side. If it fails, it returns an error message.

Examples without calluid

There are 3 files on the domain xyz for user somebody:

  • example1.wav
  • example2.wav
  • example3.wav
  • Get the IDs of the 3 files

Returns a JSON-encoded array with IDs to those 3 files. For this example, we’ll call those IDs ex_1ex_2, and ex_3.

  • Download ex_2 and ex_3

Returns readfile() value of ex_2.

Returns readfile() value of ex_3.

On failure: If any problem occurs, an error message will be returned.

  • Delete ex_2 from the server
xyz/recordings.php?username=somebody&password=password&action=delete&id=ex_2 Deletes the file that ex_2 points to, in this example, example2.wav would be deleted.

On failure: If any problem occurs, an error message will be returned.

Examples with calluid

Let’s say the calluid is.

  • Download recording for this calluid
xyz/recordings.php?username=somebody&password=password&action=download&calluid= Downloads the file corresponding to calluid.
  • Delete recording for this calluid
xyz/recordings.php?username=somebody&password=password&action=delete&calluid= Deletes the file corresponding to calluid.

On failure: If any problem occured, an error message will be returned.