Why work at Mixvoip

At Mixvoip, we prioritize what truly matters: work and impact. If you’re looking for a company that values meaningful contributions over ping-pong tables and other unrelated perks, Mixvoip is the place for you. Here are ten reasons why joining our team will set you on a path to success:

1. Direct access to top management

Mixvoip promotes a culture of openness and transparency by allowing employees to check the calendars of top management, including the CEO, and easily book appointments for discussions and feedback.

2. Agile Career Growth and Internal Mobility

Mixvoip provides training opportunities, coaching sessions, and resources to facilitate personal growth and even career shifts within the organization. However, we expect employees to take the initiative in their career development, actively engaging with managers, setting goals, and investing time and effort in their progress.

3. Research & Tech Innovation Commitment

Mixvoip has a strong history of fostering innovation, demonstrated by our 2012 research project in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg, the successful patent application in 2013, and the launch of a new AI-based R&D project in 2022. This dedication to continuous improvement ensures that we stay ahead of the competition and provide cutting-edge services to our clients.

4. Sports team mentality

At Mixvoip, we embrace a team-focused culture where employees work together like a sports team, united in their dedication and loyalty. Our mantra, “Act in Mixvoip’s best interest,” ensures that everyone is focused on contributing to the company’s success, taking responsibility for their tasks, and eliminating the notion of “that’s not my job” from our workplace.

5. On-site collaboration:

We value in-person interaction and collaboration, resulting in 60% of the workweek being spent in the office to maximize creativity and innovation.

6. Ongoing innovation in every aspect

Mixvoip aims to maintain a dynamic environment by continuously exploring new ideas and methods across all departments, including sales, lead generation, customer onboarding, and internal communication. Our culture values learning from experimentation, accepting trial and error as part of the process, and fostering adaptability to keep pace with industry developments.

7. Performance-based remote work

Eligible employees can work remotely for up to 2 days per week (40% of the workweek), depending on their role and individual and team performance.

8. Consistent growth and global opportunities

With a minimum of 20% annual growth and 100 employees across Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, and Bulgaria, Mixvoip offers a wide range of international growth and collaboration opportunities for ambitious individuals or those who embrace change.

9. Accurate compensation and flexible time off

Our time-stamping system ensures you are compensated for the exact hours worked, offering flexibility to balance your personal and professional life. This unique approach allows employees to work additional hours, potentially earning more days off or additional pay. At Mixvoip, we understand the importance of work-life balance and offer options that accommodate ambitious work schedules while providing opportunities for extended breaks.

10. Hands-on impact and meaningful contributions

At Mixvoip, we value direct involvement and encourage employees to take the initiative in various aspects of the business:

► If you’re dissatisfied with a workflow or business process, you can form a cross-team task force to brainstorm and implement new ideas and concepts.

► If you believe we’re doing something wrong, you can arrange a meeting with the CEO, top management, and any other employees to propose alternative solutions.

► If you have an idea but are unsure of its feasibility, we encourage you to collaborate with your team to evaluate the risks and initiate a trial phase, embracing calculated risks over lengthy validation processes.

► Feel free to join sales meetings to visit customers, get direct feedback, and experience firsthand the impact and value of the products and services you contribute to.

► Do you want to pass a message along in a more fun environment? Feel free to organize small, Mixvoip-sponsored events, such as office gatherings, catered lunches, or food truck visits, to foster connection and collaboration.

Become part of Mixvoip

Join Mixvoip to become part of a results-driven team that prioritizes excellence, collaboration, and innovation. Our unique work environment is designed for ambitious individuals seeking a challenging and rewarding career that focuses on what truly matters