Young man in protective glasses works with internet equipment and wires in server room

A useful guide about post heads

What is a Post Head? Post Technologies provides the underground cabling infrastructure for phone and internet connections to every house and building in Luxembourg.


Is the fax dead?

When popularised 40 years ago, faxes were well adapted to analog networks. This was at that time the easiest -and safest- way to quickly pass a document to a remote location.


Academic publication based on Mixvoip’s work

An academic publication based on MIXvoip’s work has just been released, with the title “Predictive Modeling in a VoIP System”. Loic Didelot, MIXvoip’s founder and CEO has largely contributed to it.

People holding hands

Businesses supported, but recruitment problematic

Prior to the 10×6 start-up of the Paperjam Business Club, under the sponsorship of the Minister of Economy Étienne Schneider, one of the speakers, Loïc Didelot (Pindo) analyzes the business ecosystem in Luxembourg.