Is the fax dead? (2/2) UPDATE

End of 2017, Mixvoip alerted on the fax issues that would rise with the adoption of the All-IP technologies by most European countries. Learn the latest updates.

Mixvoip grafiti

The story behind a cool graffiti

In June 2018, Mixvoip celebrated its 10th anniversary. At this occasion, we wanted to thank our team for their daily hard-work and dedication. And we wanted them to remember it.

Rebooting cables

Rebooting 101

A guide to easily restart your Internet connection. Learn how to act in case you suffer Interner outage.

loic didelot

Nous n’avons quasiment aucun turnover

La PME luxembourgeoise, qui emploie 45 personnes, a réussi à se faire une place de choix sur le marché des télécoms et s’ouvre aujourd’hui à l’international.

old telephone

A brief history of VoIP phones

From the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell to IP phones, communication has experienced a lot of revolutionary changes.