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Best CRM software for small businesses in 2022

If you consider your business too small for using a specialized CRM program, it is probably time to reconsider. There are multiple options for customer relationship management (CRM) software specially designed to match the needs of small businesses and start-ups

What’s new in Voxbi

Here is a friendly reminder that we’ve recently released some new features to Voxbi for you to try ! Discover them below.

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The pros and cons of outsourcing your IT support

IT outsourcing is an easy and popular approach for filling the gaps in the IT department. It allows a company of any size to include different IT services into its infrastructures and work with IT experts. There are some risks to be considered before outsourcing your IT needs.

2021 at Mixvoip

Wrapping up 2021!
It’s been an exciting year for Mixvoip, and we can’t wait for all we’ll accomplish together in 2022. Here’s a quick recap of how 2021 looked for Mixvoip.

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Why Are Phones Essential for Customer Support?

Why do the majority of clients still prefer phone-based contact even in our digital era? And how choosing the phone as a primary channel of communication with clients helps you maintain an excellent level of service due to its advantages. Read on to find the benefits of phone-based customer care.