World Backup Day – 31st March!
The first photos of your newborn baby, the videos of unforgettable moments on holiday, the key presentation for your boss, the one you spent hours on… Chances are all these priceless files are on your laptop or mobile, so you can access them at any time. At any time, right?
Christmas phone greetings
9 holiday voicemail greetings for better customer experience
Usually, the business voicemail greeting acts as the first direct communication message, delivered to clients if no one can answer their incoming call. That’s why it should be solid, professional and trustworthy.  The holiday voicemail greeting should meet all these requirements but it can have a personal touch and even spread the holiday spirit. With the enhanced functionalities of Cloud phone system, recording a special voicemail greeting is fast, simple and easy.
Happy International Internet Day!
Remember the days when only the spiders knew what it takes to be a master in the “web design”? Back then Amazon was simply the name of the longest river in the world, an "apple" a day was only the fruit that keeps the doctor away and you could find a cloud just by looking at the blue sky. Those days are gone forever as they existed before the age of the Internet!
MIXvoip becomes the first telecom provider in Luxembourg to offer full compatibility with Microsoft Teams
MIXvoip, the leading local cloud telephony provider announced their Cloud PBX and SIP Trunking service is now fully integrated with Microsoft Teams application. With this brand new solution, MIXvoip helps its customers and MS Teams users benefit both the feature-rich cloud-based phone system functionalities and the efficient Microsoft Teams collaboration tool.
Attractive young woman working in a call center with his colleagues
DOs and DON’Ts of the effective web conferencing
Teleconferencing is a widely adopted solution for frequent and effective business communication with callers from afar. In order to conduct an effective remote meeting, there are ground rules of what to do and what to avoid during the remote meeting. Following the web conference's etiquette ensures the high efficiency of this valuable collaboration tool.
call conferencing woman
Teleconference – the best solution for business meetings
Teleconferences are considered one of the most effective tools for business meetings with no boundaries or physical presence. Their simplicity and high accessibility turned them into a much-favored medium for daily business communication.  Learn about the advantages of conference calls and how the business benefits of them. Find useful tips on how to host effective business meetings over the phone.
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