Jabra 85 headset

Best headsets for business and home office in 2021

If you work in a high-volume call environment either from home or the office, adding a professional headset to your technology supplies helps you improve your productivity. To help you save some time, we drew up a list of the best eight headsets of 2021 for you.

yealink office conference phone

Best VoIP phones of 2021 for small and medium business

We drew up a list of the best nine office VoIP phones for 2021 so that you can make a well-informed decision based on your specific business and communications needs. Read on to find the office phone that will help you improve your communication and productivity.

home office worker

7 Must-Have Devices for Your Home Office

We have gathered seven must-have devices for your home-office corner. This handy list includes solutions that help you minimize the distractions at home, focus on your daily tasks, and improve your performance.

checklist for office move

The ultimate office moving checklist 2021

Many companies consider their office move during the summer as it is usually not a busy time for their business. We have gathered for you the ultimate checklist to help you manage this process effortlessly.

yealink conference phone

Top 7 conference phones of 2021

The best conference phones will deliver high-quality audio and video calls for your remote meetings. They should be easy to manage, use and set up. Find out the top 7 conference phones of 2021 and choose the right one for your business.

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Smile, it’s World Emoji Day!

We already take emojis as an integral part of our digital style and culture. Those tiny symbolic icons help us “humanize” communication over the internet – when we cannot see the faces or hear the voices of the people with whom we chat or exchange emails.

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Great Place to Work 2021

Mixvoip has been recognized as the “Best Workplace 2021” by Great Place to Work! As we believe that great workplaces can only be made by great people, we do owe this award to our incredible team of 100 people. They work enthusiastically every day to improve Mixvoip’s products and services.