Presence and phone status for a better calling experience

Knowing your colleagues’ phone and presence status means knowing their availability to handle calls and answer customer queries in real-time. Using such a feature streamlines internal and external communications and supports better collaboration. Find out what real-staus options are accessible via your phone system and how you can benefit.

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business communication teamwork

How to optimize your business communication tools?

Many people believe the more business communication tools you implement, the better. If you count the ones you use daily, you are most likely to include at least PBX, video apps, instant messaging, phones, mobile apps, social media, and more. However, juggling all these solutions can be frustrating and undermine a team’s efficiency.

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internet plan for business

How to choose the best Internet plan for your business?

Having a reliable and fast internet connection is crucial for businesses. with so many plans and providers out there, how do you know which option is best for you? The right Internet Service Provider is the one that provides you with an Internet plan which best fits your business needs.

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video call meeting

Essential conferencing equipment for your smart meeting room

Today you can choose among many conference room equipment solutions. From intelligent AV control systems to audio, and video conferencing tools integrated into your business phone systems to feature-rich conferencing phones that take your meeting to the next level. Learn which equipment helps you run successful meetings.

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phone system

Most Useful Cloud Phone System Features for SMEs

Cloud telephony systems improve team productivity with their enhanced features, enabling companies to provide high-quality customer service. Any manager knows that businesses offering better customer experience are the ones that thrive and grow faster. Find out which 10 phone system feautres are most hepful for SMEs.

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CRM tools

Best CRM software for small businesses in 2022

If you consider your business too small for using a specialized CRM program, it is probably time to reconsider. There are multiple options for customer relationship management (CRM) software specially designed to match the needs of small businesses and start-ups

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It outsrourcing guy

The pros and cons of outsourcing your IT support

IT outsourcing is an easy and popular approach for filling the gaps in the IT department. It allows a company of any size to include different IT services into its infrastructures and work with IT experts. There are some risks to be considered before outsourcing your IT needs.

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