2021 at Mixvoip

Wrapping up 2021!
It’s been an exciting year for Mixvoip, and we can’t wait for all we’ll accomplish together in 2022. Here’s a quick recap of how 2021 looked for Mixvoip.

phone support agent

Why Are Phones Essential for Customer Support?

Why do the majority of clients still prefer phone-based contact even in our digital era? And how choosing the phone as a primary channel of communication with clients helps you maintain an excellent level of service due to its advantages. Read on to find the benefits of phone-based customer care.

giga internet 3Gbits business offer exclusive

Internet 3Gbit/s – Offre pro exclusive

“Etre ultra rapide c’est bien. Etre ultra accompagné, c’est encore mieux”  Loic Didelot, CEO Mixvoip.
C’est dans cette optique que Mixvoip, opérateur B2B, a construit ses offres Giga: SLA 24/7, IPv4 fixe, contrat court terme…