Top 5 benefits of smart call routing for your business

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Do you want to improve your customer’s retainment rate, have call agents who can easily manage increased call volumes, and optimize your communications costs? Use the smart call routing feature of your cloud phone system. Find out what are its top 5 benefits for your company.

When the volume of calls increases, it can be difficult for your agents to handle them all effectively. You could help your team by implementing an efficient call routing system that manages incoming calls and distributes them accordingly. That will ensure they stay calm and focused while answering the many questions during an increased workload.

Read on to discover why call routing is a top feature in your cloud phone system and which are the best five advantages of smart call routing.

Introduction to intelligent call routing

smart call routing

Call routing or an automatic call distribution (ACD) system is an advanced feature of your cloud telephony solutions that enables incoming calls to be sent and dispatched automatically to the right agent based on predefined/preset rules and criteria.

The call management process aims to bring a positive customer experience to your callers and optimize the use of the company’s valuable but limited resources. Intelligent call routing software is considered cutting-edge technology. Today it is accessible not only to contact centers but also to small and medium enterprises.

Smart call routing is designed as a sophisticated system that unifies specific menu options selected by the caller, customer profile, and predetermined routing criteria set within the telephony solution. The call parameters considered include call volume, time of the day, language preferences, the department requested, and agent availability.

With the help of intelligent call routing, your business can increase its first call resolution, improve responsiveness, accuracy, and speed and help its customers reach the desired endpoint fast, ensuring no more missed calls.

What are the major benefits of call routing?

Call routing has many benefits, and it’s easy to see why this would be an appealing option for businesses. It can help improve waiting times by directing specific calls to the best-fit agents within your network; you’ll also likely get faster resolutions! Predictive call routing is a valuable feature of your cloud telephony solution that allows you to optimize the daily workflow of your customer-centric departments – sales, marketing, and support. It is a strategic tool that improves your employees’ efficiency and collaboration.

Below are the top 5 benefits of implementing intelligent call routing as part of your communications strategy.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Efficiently resolving customers’ problems is the primary objective of any business. If it is a large company, the call center is usually the main point of contact, and intelligent call routing is the right tool for achieving this goal. Contacting the right representative fast is still crucial for small and medium companies. And the call routing feature of your cloud phone system allows you to send inbound calls to your sales, marketing, or support coworkers immediately. How exactly does automatic call distribution enhance customer experience? It can be either by:

Reduced waiting times – smart call routing minimizes waiting time by instantly assigning the incoming call to the available agent based on different criteria. The main point is that callers do not have to wait in queues, as the system automatically recognizes the agent who can answer the phone according to his/hers presence status.

Issues are solved faster – as clients or partners reach the right representative quickly, this ensures that problems are handled promptly. The reason is that intelligent call routing links the right expert for customer concerns, who can take the call immediately.

If the system applies skill-based call routing, you will likely notice an increase in the number of your first call resolution.

Decreased number of call abandonment – as callers spend less time on the phone waiting to be transferred and redirected and only after that connected to the right agent, the number of call hang-ups also drop significantly. So, your business will never miss important calls that can become important clients.

Use your business phone system’s smart call routing feature to have loyal and happy customers!

Optimized workforce management

optimized workforce

It can be overwhelming to take care of all the calls at once, but call routing helps prevent this by balancing your team’s workload. Thus your colleagues can focus on the essential – to provide better customer service by solving issues fast and efficiently.

Benefits related to workforce time optimization:

Higher productivity and better performance- smart call routing connects the expert with those needing help. It happens instantly as the system automatically identifies the available call agent. That allows your employees to focus solely on your customer needs enhancing their productivity.

Well-balanced agent’ workload – depending on the specifics of your call center software or business phone system, you can set up smart call routing to dispatch the inbound calls evenly among your support staff. Thus the workload will be balanced, and your agents will not feel overwhelmed while handling efficiently high call volumes.

Costs efficiency

costs optimization

Cost efficiency is an important benefit of smart call routing. Businesses can save time and money by automatically directing calls to the appropriate agent or department. In addition, intelligent call routing can help organizations better track and manage their inbound call volume, making identifying opportunities for improving call center operations easier.

Implementing a smart call routing strategy enables you to reduce costs per interaction for your business. With its help, callers do not have to go through long phone menus or indefinitely wait while they’re transferred around internally between departments. So the faster customer and agents match, the quicker they will find problem resolutions, and ultimately they can save money spent on the call incoming charges.

Another perspective on how predictive call routing optimizes costs and brings more profit to your business is that using this system minimizes the options for missed and lost calls. Furthermore, the better customer service your callers experience by immediately connecting them to the right person helps you turn them into loyal and happy clients.

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With intelligent call routing, your business gains a competitive edge by allowing customers to connect with live agents 24/7 and 365 days. The system matches appropriate support resources according to your customer’s needs when they contact you over the phone or via chat. Not only does that make things simpler and more flexible for everyone involved, but providing resourceful information while maintaining personalized services transforms into higher conversion rates.

Scalability and Simplicity

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One of the main benefits of smart call routing software is its scalability. It scales up and down hassle-free following the dynamics of your business development. Companies can choose between deployment models depending on their unique communications requirements – including legacy systems integration, automatic call distribution, and enhanced IVR systems. That allows easy expansion as needed without hurting performance during peak hours. The end result is increased growth rates.

Simplicity is another important advantage of call routing for your business. Intelligent call routing removes all of the complexities of pre-route and computer telephony integration to design a tool that gets your calls answered quickly based on real-time status and expert skills. 

In conclusion

Smart call routing lets your business provide customers 24-hour accessibility and personalized support. Your company will gain a competitive edge when providing resourceful information compelling enough for potential clients who need help with their queries through live chat or phone calls during any hour of the day!

Intelligent call routing is a phone system feature that can save your business time and money. Automatically directing calls to the most appropriate agent or department can help improve customer service and reduce operational costs. In addition, smart call routing can help you better track and manage your inbound call volume, making it easier to identify opportunities for improving your call center operations. Overall, predictive call routing can be a valuable tool for any business that relies on telephone calls for daily operations.

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