We are happy to announce a new integration.

Mixvoip + LiveAgent integration

Mixvoip and LiveAgent have signed a strategic partnership. This collaboration brings together Mixvoip’s expertise in VoIP solutions with LiveAgent’s robust customer service software.

We are now offering a new LiveAgent service

What is LiveAgent?

LiveAgent is customer support software for businesses. It provides a platform with over 130 ticketing features and more than 200 integrations, enabling excellent customer service across all channels.

Our integration with LiveAgent will maximize the value of your existing help desk software by integrating telephony as a support channel.


Mixvoip LiveAgent will benefit you in several ways:

  • Caller identification will increase answer rates, prevent unwanted calls, and provide context for incoming calls.
  • Telephony as a support channel will enhance efficiency, improve customer management, enrich the customer experience, offer personalized support, and optimize your workflow.
  • Decision-Making Based on User Behavior will allow more personalized and effective decisions by understanding and predicting user actions, leading to improved user experiences and outcomes.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience promotes loyalty, helps retain customers, encourages brand advocacy, and increases sales, customer retention, and satisfaction.
  • Automating Work Processes will increase your efficiency, productivity, and cost savings, reduce errors, enhance customer and employee satisfaction, standardize data, and allow for scalable processes.

How can you use it?

The integration is designed to be user-friendly and highly functional. To begin, you’ll need to have an active account with both LiveAgent and Mixvoip. Once those are set up, you can proceed to LiveAgent’s configuration settings.

LiveAgent Integration Tutorial

Remember, our team at Mixvoip is always here to assist if you encounter any challenges or have questions about maximizing the use of this integration.