7 holidays voicemail greetings to increase customer engagement

Businesses have the opportunity to make their clients feel valued and special with a personalized voicemail greeting. Competitive companies can use this as an early way of branding themselves while also reaching out in time-sensitive situations where answering phones may be low or busy – like the holidays season. 

Christmas woman talking on the phone

We all know the feeling when our minds are overwhelmed with thoughts of what needs to be done right before Christmas. With deadlines flying by, there is always so much pressure not to forget something or someone. Calls, orders, and campaigns are coming at you from all angles, so it can be hard to keep track of all tasks – especially since some things might change due to the holidays. 

During this hectic time when everything seems like it will fall apart at any moment, you might forget something as important and necessary for your business as letting customers/prospects know about changes in hours around holiday seasons! Yes, you keep reminding yourself to call your customers and inform them about the changes in business hours, but who has time?

The good news is that your business cloud phone system can be the superhero coming to the rescue.

With the business voicemail feature, you can ensure that all your callers will be informed on time about any possible changes in your working hours for the festive season. 

Voicemail greetings can be a powerful way to connect with your customers and prospects on the phone. You can be professional and informative, or you could make it fun! The holidays season offers you a great opportunity to add a personal touch to your business voicemail greeting. All you need to provide is a well thought and relevant message.

To help you with your mission, we have gathered seven samples scripts for setting up a custom voicemail message that will impress anyone who listens. Read on, use any of them for the festive season to create a positive customer experience for your callers, even if they do not manage to contact you from the first phone call.

The message

voice over setup

The holiday season is upon us, and if you are like most businesses, you will be using your voicemail system to spread the holiday spirit. In addition to acting as a direct line of communication, voicemail greetings can also help strengthen the brand’s voice. A professional voicemail greeting gives the impression of a successful company that cares to plan a good customer service strategy.

The holiday voicemail greeting should reinforce a professional image while still expressing a personal touch. A professionally recorded voicemail greeting can help create a more enjoyable holiday season for your clients. To ensure that your message gets through to your audience, it should be audible and professional-sounding.

What information you should include in your festive voicemail greeting: 

  1. The period during which your company is either closed or works with different business hours.
  2. When exactly it will reopen or go back to the usual working hours.
  3. Ask your callers to visit your website if you have added more details about your holiday working time. 
  4. Do not miss the unique opportunity to be creative and spread holiday cheer.
  5. The golden rule that applies to any business voicemail message is – Be concise. The callers should access the information they need fast. That way, you can be sure they will make the effort to call again.

Seven scripts samples for your holiday voicemail message

message scripts

Choose among the 7 possible scripts below for your holiday voicemail greeting. Consider your specific business communications needs and the profile of your target audience:

1. It is [X holiday]! You have reached [the company’s name]. We are closed from [X date] to [X date] for the celebration. On [X date] we will reopen, resuming our standard business operations at hours. If you need anything earlier, please get back in touch with us to schedule a call time.

2. Greetings! You have reached [company’s name]. We will be closed for X holiday from X date till X day. Reopen on X Date with the usual working time of X hours until X hrs. In case of emergency, please contact our colleague on the phone [telephone number] or at email [email address]. Thank you for understanding, and Happy Holidays!

3. We are happy to hear from you! Thank you, for your interest in [company name]. Unfortunately, it’s X holiday time, and our team will be off duty on the following dates: X date till X date. However, if your request is urgent, please call our colleagues XXX at number [telephone number] email them at [email address]. Have a great Holiday!

 Set a nice voicemail message for Xmas. Hurry up, it’s free until December, 17th! 

4. Thank you for contacting us at [company’s name]. During the upcoming holiday [X], we will be working with different business hours. We will be open from [X hours] to [X hours] on [X date] and from [X hours] to [X hours] on [X date].Happy holiday from our entire team!

5. Welcome to [company’s name]! What a great time to reach out! Please be aware that the whole company is closed for [X holiday] from [X date] to [X date] as our team takes some well-deserved time off. But don’t forget: our business hours resume on [date] at [time]. We will be happy to help if you give us a call back during these times.

6. Thank you for contacting [company’s name]. We’re here for you this holiday season! This weekend, we’ll be working extended hours to see you through the holiday rush. The office will close on [X date] and reopen on [X date] with our regular hours. For more information, you can visit our website [www.]. Merry and happy Xmas!

7. Hello, and thanks for reaching out [company’s name]. It is Christmas time, and currently, we are helping Santa with presents preparation. We will reopen on [X date] at our standard operating hours. We hope we’ll hear back from you soon. Until then, enjoy the holidays!

Find the best voice to deliver your festive voicemail greeting

woman on the phone call

There are two options available for businesses with a cloud phone system. You can record the voicemail yourself, or you can use a voice-over artist with a euphonious voice to give it that professional touch.

If you decide on the first option, you have to choose someone with a nice-sounding voice to enhance your professional voicemail greeting. Pay attention to the following rules if you want to engage better your callers with your holiday’s message:

  • Speak clearly and slowly
  • Set a professional tone of your voice
  • Speak rhythmically and let your voice sound authentic
  • Follow the script exactly

You can opt for the second option – to hire a voice-over artist to record the message for you. That allows you to save time and ensures that your message is delivered in the correct tone. You should provide the artists with the script of the message, give them more information about what type of vibe this message should spread, and offer advice on how the words should be spoken.

To set a nice voicemail message, please follow our guide here. Hurry up, it is free until December the 17th!