5 hour SLA

Could you work with no Internet?

Nobody can work with no Internet nowadays. If your Internet is down, we will do our upmost to quickly restore the connection, but in certain situations an on-site visit might be required, potentially taking up to two business days for our technician to arrive.

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Introducing 5 hour SLA on your Internet

Once MIXvoip is notified, we will immediately assess the situation, and if necessary a team of experts will be sent on-site within 5 business hours to reconnect your company.*

Secure your Internet for just 40,-€ per month

(*) Customers agree to unplug or plug a device or cables, to perform a ping test, or to open a browser and access different web-interfaces.
All on-site work due to an external factor to MIXvoip results in billing for travel and time spent.
Customers must welcome the technicians, and guarantee access to the equipment.
Above mentioned offer is ruled by our Terms & Conditions.
Handling time starts at the moment the customer notifies MIXvoip by phone. Force majeure excluded.