Starlink: the solution for places without internet connection

A couple of months ago Samuel Kubiak, a long-time Mixvoip employee, moved into his new house in Luxembourg. The house was built completely new and has not been connected to the fiber optic and copper network so far, not even a slow ADSL connection is available. A high-speed internet connection is planned, but it will only be ready in December. In the meantime, he needs a transitional solution: Starlink.

As easy as it gets

The Setup was completed in less than an hour. The technician connected the satellite dish, completed a short test, and afterwards, the dish only needed about 10 minutes to align itself optimally in the direction of the available satellites that are orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 550 km. The dish doesn’t need to be installed on a roof for the setup; it only needs to be placed outside with a clear view of the sky. Using a tripod, you can simply put it on the ground, for example on the terrace of the house, like in this case.

He’s been using the system for over three months now and didn’t encounter any problems during this time. The internet connection is very stable, with a download speed of 300 Mbps via cable and more than 200 Mbps via Wi-Fi. There were also no outages or reduction of quality due to the weather. Overall, the system is working perfectly fine!

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