Paul Fabri

Mixvoip Team - Paul Fabri

Paul Fabri, Developer


What is your role at MIXvoip?

I’m a developer, what does it mean?

I’m like The Genie from Alladin, I do magic to grant wishes to my boss and colleagues.

What do you like most about your job?

The multiple and diverse tasks I’m ask to do. Sure some are more fun than other but for the most part they are very interesting and allow me to keep learning day in and day out.


Except MIXvoip, what do you enjoy?

I’m a gamer (yeah i know… developer and gamer, such a cliche) mostly on PC, #PCMasterRace.
I also do enjoy comics from a classic ‘Asterix and Obelix’ to a ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ without forgeting ‘Tintin’ of course.
From a more sporty point of view i’m a Bar├ža fan for about 12 years now, been trough the best and the worst, the beauty of football.