Mixvoip supports the Kreishandwerkerschaft Trier-Saarburg with future-proof telecom solutions

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Mixvoip became a supporting member of the Kreishandwerkerschaft Trier-Saarburg (the association of local craftsmen’s guilds) in January 2022 and is, therefore, a new partner of the crafts sector in Germany. By offering solutions for cloud telephony, business internet and services to their guild members, Mixvoip ensures that they always remain flexible and can be reached wherever they are.

What is Kreishandwerkerschaft Trier-Saarburg?

The Kreishandwerkerschaft Trier-Saarburg represents the interests of a total of 28 guilds with 1000 members, including bakers, tilers, interior decorators, and many more. The organization builds strategic partnerships and is able to offer its members many value-added services and benefits. This covers, among other things, advice on insurance issues, taking over accounting and targeted public relations work, as well as training courses and conducting intermediate and final examinations.

The KHS Trier-Saarburg represents the interests of its members providing them with a full range of administrative services of the trade guilds.

Beyond that, a cooperation between the regional craft sector and a total of 13 partner schools has been established in recent years for the promotion of young talents. Together, they organize career and study orientation days in order to present the various craft professions to the students in the form of workshops. With common projects, company visits, and a regular exchange of information, the KHS supports students in their search for a suitable internship or apprenticeship.

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How does Mixvoip help Kreishandwerkerschaft Trier-Saarburg?

Within the last decade, the workplace has changed dramatically across all industries. Digitization has arrived in many domains: you can take your smartphone or other mobile devices wherever you go. Customers expect, therefore, that they can reach you and your employees at any time and anywhere.

As a partner for telecommunications and IT projects, Mixvoip is offering special deals and benefits to the members of the Kreishandwerkerschaft Trier-Saarburg within the framework of the cooperation. The main goal is to keep them up to date with the latest technology, while ensuring that they are no longer merely reacting to changes but are perfectly prepared for them in the future.

In addition, the members get a dedicated contact person in their area who will advise them on all important issues. Mixvoip will make an audit and analysis of the solutions KHS members use, and determine their needs free of charge and without obligation.

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The best part is that they can subscribe to a single provider and still have access to all necessary services that cover their communications and business needs. Moreover, they always stay flexible as they are not limited by long-term contracts. Thereby, Kreishandwerkerschaft Trier-Saarburg members are able to save time and money and they can focus on the things they really like to do: practicing their craft without distractions.

If you are equally interested in a detailed analysis of your current telecom solution and future needs, please contact us!

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