From start-up to multinational business

Mixvoip celebrated its 10-year anniversary

It is a success story made in Luxembourg that combines telephony, Internet and cloud. Mixvoip was created in 2008 and started its first services with providing VoIP phone systems that are hosted in cloud. Their special characteristic: the company is the only operator offering a full anti-fraud guarantee. Furthermore, they do not outsource their ressources and they offer support by multilingual technicians and engineers. In the last year, the Steinsel-based company saw its turnover reach 3 million euros, three times more than in 2014. They count 32 employees in Luxembourg and have subsidiaries in two more countries.

Yesterday, Mixvoip celebrated their 10-year anniversary in presence of Xavier Bettel, the Prime Minister and Minister of Media and Communication, as well as Michael Jackson, their partner from Mangrove Capital Partners. Mixvoip’s CEO and founder Loïc Didelot obviously was present, too.

What major accomplishments did Mixvoip reach within the last decade?

LOÏC DIDELOT We are still here! Since we began as a start-up in the telecommunications sector, this wasn’t an easy task – there are a lot of players and many services on the market. But we have managed to capture part of the market for ourselves.

What big changes has the VoIP telephony sector undergone in the last years?

DIDELOT The technology is changeing: all customers and operators are forced to migrate. This creates a certain market for us. We were one of the first operators to offer cloud telecommunication, which was a new technology at the time in which the public did not have complete confidence. But other operators followed our lead and this helped us to open the market and to get customers that are familiar with the technology.

What future projects does Mixvoip have?

DIDELOT Last November, we opened a subsidiary in Belgium and another one in Germany which just got its second employee.

We need to invest a lot of time in these markets where, unlike Luxembourg, we do not have an organic network. Our ambition is to gain parts of the markets in these two new countries. In Germany, we already had a good start. In 2014, we participated in a common project with the University Luxembourg that was dedicated to research & development (R&D). We would like to do another public-private partnership in the future.

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