Calling, Mobility, Service continuity

The enhanced voice features of our in-house developed cloud phone system allow you to achieve complete mobility and service continuity in any circumstances. Based on your specific business needs, you can use different calling functionalities, intelligent call routing, and simple integrations. Mixvoip Cloud PBX is compatible with any device and all-important features are accessible via desk phone, IP softphone, or mobile apps.

Local Numbers

Local phone numbers are cost-saving as local tariffs apply for inbound and outbound calls. Get closer to your customers and partners with Mixvoip local numbers from over 200 calling destinations.

With a virtual business number, you benefit from all the advanced features of your cloud PBX. Build trust with your local community, by choosing a company phone number with the local country code.

Toll-free Numbers

Provide your customers with toll-free numbers to contact you instantly and hassle-free. With the Mixvoip toll-free numbers, they can call you for free or at very low rates from a landline or a mobile network.

Use toll-free numbers as a powerful marketing tool to create brand awareness and engage customers. The toll-free numbers allow you to ease communication with clients as your company is always reachable on a single number.


Assign effortlessly extensions to each employee or department within the company regardless of their location. Help your colleagues work together effectively from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

In a few clicks, you can create, edit, or remove phone extensions for individuals or remote teams.

Presence Status

Let your teammates know when you are available through the presence features of your cloud phone system. Your real-time call status can be displayed on multiple devices – a desk phone, a softphone, or a mobile phone.

Everyone in the company can easily set up and manage presence status just with a click. Forward the incoming calls immediately to your available colleagues. Reduce hold times and hangs-up, be agile and responsive.

Call forwarding

Direct the incoming calls to the right team member. With Cloud PBX by Mixvoip, you can forward automatically your inbound business calls to any colleague and to the most convenient device.

So each call is answered immediately even if the contact person is not available at his desk. Set specific rules on how to manage the incoming calls – they can ring simultaneously or sequentially across your desk phone, smartphone, and desktop softphone. No more missed important calls as the customers and partners will always reach the right employee.

Call Flip

Transfer an ongoing call to the most convenient device for you. Switch the conversation from a desk phone to a softphone or a mobile phone smoothly and seamlessly.

This advanced Cloud PBX feature ensures that you will never have to interrupt important calls suddenly. Flip your call from the desk phone to your smartphone with a click and continue the conversation with your clients even if you leave the office. Flipping a call allows you to achieve great flexibility and complete mobility.

Call Screening

Call screening allows you to manage your incoming calls more efficiently. You control who can reach your company. Decide whether to pick the call, to block it, or send it directly to your voicemail.

With Caller ID details displayed before the inbound call even connects, you can filter out the unwanted calls.

Call Park

With call parking, you place a call on hold in a cloud location so anyone in the company can answer it. You transfer the parking location to the right department or person and they can take the call from their desk phone or softphone.

Call park is a calling feature of your cloud-based phone system that ensures convenience and flexibility.


Simplify your business telephony experience with our mobile app MIXcall. Merge your fixed and mobile phones so whenever your desk phone rings you can answer it on your mobile. MIXcall works without data but only using the GSM network.

The number displayed on the outgoing calls will be your office number even if you use your personal smartphone. Bring your office number anywhere where your smartphone goes and always maintain your professional image. You can benefit from the same calling features of your fixed office phone available via your personal mobile. It ensures service continuity, helping you be more responsive regardless of your location. 

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With MIXdial you can place, answer, or end a call with just one click. Dial any phone number directly from your email, from a website, or from a Word document. Save time, and avoid dialing errors with our application.

Contact your colleagues with one-touch calling straight from your contact book, where you can view their presence status. Create customizable shortcuts matching your personal preferences and communication needs.

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Transform your desktop or mobile device into a feature-rich desk phone with MIXphone. Our cloud softphone can be used as a web-based service directly in the web-browser or via a mobile application.

It helps your team stay connected to the company’s phone system from any location with an Internet connection. Tailored to the specific needs of your company MIXphone turns your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone into a powerful business-level communications tool. All the advanced features of your cloud PBX are available with the cloud softphone via a user-friendly interface in the office or when traveling.


The multicast feature allows you to make announcements via desk phones to your co-workers. Reach out to all colleagues in any office location fast and easy, just with a few keystrokes.

You can transfer parked calls, announce visitors on-premises, or have a quick word with a colleague, while a customer call is put on hold.

Shared phone numbers

Calls made to a shared phone number can be answered by anyone on different devices – a desk phone, a softphone, or mobile phone. Shared lines help you enhance your flexibility.

Sharing a call and line across multiple devices simplifies call handling and shortens the response time as any employee can take the call on the nearest phone..

Answering rules

Create custom answering rules for your business phone system. You can manage your incoming calls based on your real-time presence, call status, business hours, and company’s schedule.

Configure the call flow easily from any web-based device. Make sure each inbound call is attended, even if the employee is busy at that moment. Achieve great flexibility with the help of advanced call routing features of cloud PBX.

Internet Fax

Send and receive faxes by email directly in your inbox. It is fast, easy, and very convenient. The advanced online fax functionality of your cloud phone system is a cost-saving solution.

There is no need for costly equipment and you always receive all important fax messages.


Send voicemail messages in emails as audio files to listen to them from your desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Use the voice-to-email cloud PBX feature to speed up your team’s response time and to achieve better customer service.

Devices and service

Mixvoip Cloud PBX solution can be easily managed from multiple locations. You can access the phone system on any preferred device – a desk phone, a softphone, or a mobile.

Based on your business needs you may choose between different calling features and services. It is an all-in-one communication platform where employees, partners, and clients meet, talk, and work together.


Simple to use, manage, and upgrade, Cloud PBX offers advanced tools for call administration, statistics, and monitoring. Analyzing calls’ data/metrics’ between employees, teams, ring groups, and departments allows you to provide better customer service and improve your business communication. Benefit from various state-of-art features and integrations to enhance your productivity and team efficiency.

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is a scalable, sufficient, and secure cloud phone system. It is a cost-saving communication solution, designed to meet your specific business needs. Discover its enhanced calling features and help your team connect and collaborate.

The hosted phone system administration is simple and can be done from anywhere. It completely transforms your callers’ telephony experience, providing them with state-of-art communication options. Mixvoip virtual PBX is compatible with other important applications such as Microsoft Teams.

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SIP trunking

SIP Trunk service connects your on-premises PBX to the Internet. Save on your communication costs with our competitive pay-as-you-talk rates or unlimited flat rate to over 200 calling destinations.

SIP trunking is the cost-efficient solution that allows you to use your current phone system but still benefit from the enhanced features that come along with cloud telephony and the unified communications service pack.

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Sign your documents online with MIXsign e-signature solution. Go paperless to reduce money and time spent on paperwork.

With MIXsign you can automate the agreement process by simplifying your document workflow. It is a risk-free, legally recognized, and secure tool for signing documents online.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Connect your business telephony with Teams. Place and receive external calls directly in Microsoft Teams. With the help of Direct Routing integrate your business phone system with the Teams, keeping your existing phone numbers and calling plans.

Support your flexible working employees with an all-in-one collaboration platform and an enterprise-level communication solution. You decide which will be the most efficient way to connect to your team in Teams – via chat, a call, audio, or a videoconference.

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Record professional phone greetings to gain credibility with customers and partners. Voice over greetings ensures every call is answered professionally.

Cloud PBX by Mixvoip allows you to create personalized messages to make a positive first impression. Recorded in professional studios by voice-over artists greetings help you build brand awareness.

Multi-level IVR

Create a phone menu with directions on how the caller can contact a specific department, group, or agent via self-service.

Design flexible and customized call flow instructions that match your callers’ needs. Multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) allows easy setup and phone menu management for complex business systems.

Music on hold

Provide a better calling experience while your customers are waiting on hold. Choose delightful music or keep them informed with helpful targeted messages.

Entertain your callers with thoughtfully selected music or deliver helpful information based on caller ID details, time of the day, or other criteria.

Dial-by-name directory

Help callers to contact the right employees from the first call. Dial by name feature allows you to set the search by the first or last name of your team members. This saves time for the callers.

Configuration of the company directory happens just with a few clicks, but your clients enjoy more personalized and efficient customer support.

Number porting

Transfer your existing business phone numbers to your Mixvoip account with no effort. Change the telecom but keep your current numbers and ensure you will not miss any important calls.

Number porting is the virtual phone system’s time and cost optimization feature. You do not need to change your business numbers on all marketing materials or to communicate new phone numbers to all your contacts.

Call monitoring

With call monitoring you can listen to your employees’ live calls, coaching them discreetly, and helping them provide better customer support.

Help your employees achieve better performance. Monitoring calls in real-time is an effective tool for supervisors to analyze, evaluate, and improve their teams’ relations with prospects, leads, or loyal customers.

Call Logs

Call logs feature of the Cloud PBX allows you to make informed decisions based on relevant call flow data. All in one place you have a complete record of all incoming and outgoing calls and faxes to track the performance of your employees.

Statistics include information about caller ID, dialed numbers and extensions, and call duration. With these metrics, you can easily improve your team’s efficiency.

Automatic call recording

Our Cloud PBX solution can automatically record the incoming and outgoing calls of your employees. After the call ends, you can playback the call recording directly in the web browser or save it for later.

You can enable this feature on your business phone system for one team member, ring group, or the whole department. It is accessible from anywhere and anytime. Monitor how your employees behave during the call and outline the best practices.


Increase your workplace flexibility with the Login/Logout feature. You can log in to the Mixvoip shared phone from anywhere and access your extension, contacts, call history, voicemail, or other services.

Stay always connected to the company’s phone system from any location. Logging in to a shared phone on-premises allows you to use it as your business desk phone.

Active Directory synchronization

Reduce processing times and ensure the switchboard contains only updated and correct information. Synchronize all data from your company’s Active directory with the phone system switchboard effortlessly.

This process can be automated, helping you significantly lower handling times and the risk of errors. Ensure that everyone always finds the latest information on the switchboard.

Caller ID

With Caller ID, you decide what information to add for any caller and if your business name will be displayed on the outbound calls. The system shows you the caller’s name, number, or other details, so your employees can provide a more personal calling experience.

Mixvoip lets you personalize your business communication with prospects, customers, and partners right from the start.

Directory listings

Increase your brand awareness and make your company more visible by listing your company information in the local or national directories.

Targeting industry-related business catalogs is your company’s strategic marketing and branding tool.

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Mixvoip Cloud phone system helps you expand your presence, supplying you with international phone numbers in over 100 countries. Benefit from the flat-rate service to reduce communications costs with global teams, partners, and customers. With international calling features, you can enjoy simple management of a single phone system across the company’s locations around the globe. This improves your global relations, helping you provide better support for international inbound calls.


Free and unlimited calls to over 200 destinations on fixed and mobile phones for a monthly price per user. Regardless of the time, you spend on the phone, you pay a fixed price.

Enable your remote workforce to communicate freely and efficiently without worrying about the expensive international call rates.

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International numbers

Opt for international phone numbers from over 100 countries to extend your virtual presence. Help your customers from abroad optimize their calling costs as they can call you at standard local rates or for free.

Use international numbers for geographic or toll-free numbers and ensure everyone abroad contacts you hassle-free. Your international callers will enjoy more efficient customer support, and your team can connect easier with local prospects.

Mixvoip free calls

Interconnect all your employees, teams, departments, or branches regardless of their location. All extension-to-extension calls are free within the Mixvoip business phone system.

Bring together your teams and customers worldwide with our cost-efficient and flexible local and international calling plans. With Mixvoip Cloud PBX you can streamline internal communication.


Mixvoip free conferencing solutions allow you to meet virtually via high-quality audio or video calls with colleagues, partners, or customers from anywhere. Use your favorite device to join the meeting and get connected instantly. Use all the advanced features to empower your remote teams and improve productivity.

Audio conferencing

Instantly organize and manage your call conference for free. Audio conferencing by Mixvoip is a globally available free service, accessible from any device.

Participants can join effortlessly from anywhere and from any device – a desk phone, PC, laptop, mobile device, or an IP softphone. Call conferencing allows you to conduct instant web meetings with access numbers available from over 40 countries worldwide.

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Video conferencing

Boost your teamwork and productivity with Mixvoip’s free video conferencing solution. Take advantage of unlimited video calls with numerous participants in the room. Choose the most convenient device to join and start working immediately.

Use the screen-sharing feature during the video meeting to increase the engagement and efficiency of the attendees. Video conference helps you connect, meet, and collaborate from any location with an Internet connection.

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Cloud telepresence

Transform any meeting workspace into a conference room. Use your existing hardware and easily set up, hold, and manage high-quality web conferences.

Instantly connect to the meeting system with a single tap. Choose the most convenient space – a small and cozy work area or a large conference room and start your virtual meeting.


Team collaboration

Your team is your most valuable asset. Choose among multiple applications compatible with your cloud phone system to boost your employees’ collaboration.

The advanced technologies and unified communications allow you to work together from anywhere. Easily share files with colleagues and follow up on the progress of your projects.

Business SMS and MMS

Include professional text messages as an integral part of your business communication. Send personalized text and multimedia messages or notifications to your clients and co-workers with the Mixvoip SMS service..

Use your business phone number from any desktop or mobile device to send text, voice, fax, or multimedia messages. Automate the process to save time and optimize work-related communication.

Message alerts

Message alerts system ensures you never miss an important voicemail or fax message. You get instant notifications via email, SMS, desktop, or mobile apps anytime you receive a fax or a voice message.

Set custom criteria for receiving text message alerts and use the advanced settings of the alert system to follow the progress of your communications.


You remain always connected to your company’s cloud PBX, in times of power blackouts, Internet outages or system attacks. Our communication solution provides the highest level of security to ensure you continue your online activities in all circumstances.

Secure VoIP service

Cloud PBX is an in-house developed solution that ensures you get a secure and reliable telephony service. Thanks to advanced technologies and stable infrastructure, your team can initiate or receive calls from any place with an Internet connection.

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Single Sign-on

Employees can access their Mixvoip account using the corporate login data from anywhere. Help your company lower its technical costs and use a single authentication platform.

That way, users can reach their accounts and manage the call flow from any device and any location.

Anti-Fraud Protection

Security is a top priority for Mixvoip. Fraudulent calls are automatically detected and are not charged to the customer.

Our cloud phone system ensures a secure work environment, which allows your employees to focus on the business.

Datacenter Overview

Having the most advanced type of data center – Tier IV allows us to provide extensive coverage with full service, the highest level of reliability, and redundancy for all local and international customers and partners.

Mixvoip is in 6 geographically distant enterprise-class data centers Tier IV hosted in Luxembourg, Brussels, and Frankfurt.

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Make your data make an impact on your call flow. With our enhanced call administration system you can track, analyze, and optimize the calling performance of your teams. Create custom reports with multiple preselected KPIs to improve the efficiency of your employees and the productivity of your business.


Your internet connection and devices contribute to the overall call quality. Mixvoip can offer you the possibility to monitor their connection status. Observe and analyze your calls anytime and from anywhere.

Optimize your call flow to achieve a better calling experience.


Gain insights into your call volume and costs thanks to an intuitive interface. Call statistics give you important information on the calls’ distribution, time peaks, and help you make better decisions based on data.

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Cloud PBX by Mixvoip – almost everything is possible.
Our system cannot yet brew coffee, but we are working on it 🙂

For the rest, our engineers can set the exact configuration your business requires, or suggest new features to improve your communication routes.

Contact us to let us know your interest.