World Backup Day – 31st March!

The first photos of your newborn baby, the videos of unforgettable moments on holiday, the key presentation for your boss, the one you spent hours on… All these priceless files are on your laptop or mobile so that you can access them anytime. At any time, right?

Now imagine that the same computer or smartphone is irretrievably damaged or lost… You can buy a new one, but you’ve lost more than the hardware. You’ve lost not only photos and videos but also cherished memories. You’ve lost not only files but also irreplaceable long hours of hard work. You’ve lost not just data forever but your entire digital life.

SAVE YOUR DATA – Do a backup today – 31st of March – the International Backup Day. Don’t forget to remind your family, friends, and colleagues to do a backup and spare them the pain of losing their data.

Why do we lose data? 

30% of the users have never backed up!
113 smartphones are stolen every minute
31% is lost due to viruses, malware, ransomware
29% – hardware or system failure
29% – human error
11% – other reasons


Making a second copy of all the information on your devices can be done in different places: an external hard drive, an FTP server on a networked computer, or the increasingly popular cloud storage. Choose the backup method according to your personal or professional preferences.

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.”
Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft

Today, technology is embedded in our lives, and we usually only notice it when our devices are lost or broken. Take good care of your information because your data is far more valuable than your device. Make regular backups… or at least once yearly – on March 31st!

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