What’s new in Voxbi

Here is a friendly reminder that we’ve recently released some new features to Voxbi for you to try! Discover them below.


Paste to call
Copy/pasted text will be captured by the dialer input field. Users can copy a number from somewhere else, then paste it on Voxbi to call.

Missed calls counter badge
When missed calls are registered on the server, a badge counter will be displayed in the History tab. The badge will be reset when the user goes to the History tab.

Add and edit user contacts
Users can now add personal contacts and edit them. These contacts won’t be shared with the rest of the company.

Dialer input search shows TEMPUS statuses and calls
The search results will now display the current TEMPUS status and call history results.

Extensions search in a group also shows out-of-group results
If a group is selected in the Extensions tab, search results from the group and all extensions will be displayed separately.

New version alert
When a new version is available on the web (not for installable applications), a banner will be displayed with a reload button. The banner will only appear if the user is not in a call because reloading would cause the call to drop.

Sort extensions by TEMPUS status
New sorting is available in the Display Options of the Extensions tab. For now, the sorting follows the status order registered on the server, and it is not possible to change it.

Improvements & corrections

History auto-refresh
The call history will refresh the list automatically.

The web browser tab indicates in case of a lost connection
When the connection to the server is lost, the web browser tab text will alternate between Voxbi and No Internet connection.

Click twice to call the last number
Clicking on the call button will fill the input field with the last called number, and a second click is required to call.

Bugs were squashed, especially the one that was still causing a blank page when a new code was deployed.

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