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Teleconference – the best solution for business meetings

Teleconferences are considered one of the most effective tools for business meetings with no boundaries or physical presence. Their simplicity and high accessibility turned them into a much-favored medium for daily business communication. 


Is the fax dead? (2/2) UPDATE

End of 2017, Mixvoip alerted on the fax issues that would rise with the adoption of the All-IP technologies by most European countries. Learn the latest updates.

Rebooting cables

Rebooting 101

A guide to easily restart your Internet connection. Learn how to act in case you suffer Interner outage.

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A useful guide about post heads

What is a Post Head? Post Technologies provides the underground cabling infrastructure for phone and internet connections to every house and building in Luxembourg.


Is the fax dead?

When popularised 40 years ago, faxes were well adapted to analog networks. This was at that time the easiest -and safest- way to quickly pass a document to a remote location.