Co-Managed LAN

How to successfully manage your network with Mixvoip’s Co-Managed LAN solution?

Managing the observability, resilience and complexity of a network environment is a real challenge. Centralised monitoring can help to achieve this.

Stay on top of your network infrastructure issues

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Our Co-Managed LAN solution helps you visualise, monitor and centralise your network infrastructure in one single platform

Centralized management

Network environments usually consist of equipment and systems from many different vendors, most of which have their own monitoring tools. Using the Co-Managed LAN solution you will gather tools such as monitoring network performance, applications, and devices under one powerful platform.
With the Co-Managed LAN solution, you will save time and avoid the creation of data silos that can lead to human error.

Unified networks

In some companies, equipment and infrastructure are often spread over several geographical locations. Depending on how these networks are managed, they may be isolated, semi-independent networks or they may be linked together in a large connected network.
Improve your network performance by unifying it.

Individual views for teams and specialists

In addition to full visibility for centralised management, our Co-Managed LAN solution offers individual views for certain areas.
Define roles and rights, draft individual maps and dashboards, as well as alert management to ensure that the right person receives an alert in time and has access to the exact information they need to solve the problem.

Get the big picture

With a wide variety of equipment, protocols, monitoring tools, and infrastructures spread across different locations, it is very difficult to get an overview of your network infrastructure.
The Co-Managed LAN helps you implement a centralised oversight of your network infrastructure which collects data from many separate sources creating visibility across the entire technology stack.

You decide how much you need us – and how much we intervene

With our Co-Managed LAN solution you are in charge of your network infrastructure

Ensuring network availability with Mixvoip’s Co-Managed LAN

Local Cloud Managed Service

Enterprises will securely host their cloud co-managed service in Luxembourg, in Mixvoip’s Tier IV datacenter.

Automated Prediction of Potential Faults

AI-powered analytic Insight provides service experience visibility and fault prediction.

Real Time Overview of your network

Monitor your network in real time and stay on top of any latency with the automatic alerts.

Unique co-management LAN provider

Mixvoip is the unique provider of co-managed LAN in Europe

Centralise your business network environment

iMaster NCE – Huawei’s next-generation autonomous driving network management and control system for campus networks — integrates management, control, analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions, providing full-lifecycle automation of campus networks.