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Mixvoip can port and supply phone numbers for many European and overseas countries.

1 numberBlock of 10Block of 100Setup per range
Belgium1.60€ 3.10€ 10.20€16.20€
Germany1.60€ 3.10€ 10.20€16.20€
France1.60€ 3.10€ 10.20€16,20€
Netherlands6.20€ 37.90€ 210.00€32.20€
Switzerland6.20€ 37.90€ 210.00€32.20€
United States6.20€ 37.90€ 210.00€32.20€
United Kingdom6.20€ 37.90€ 210.00€32.20€
Ireland6.20€ 37.90€ 210.00€32.20€
Italy6.20€ 37.90€ 210.00€32.20€
Poland6.20€37.90€ 210.00€32.20€
Spain6.20€ 37.90€ 210.00€32.20€
Portugal6.20€ 37.90€ 210.00€32.20€
Austria6.20€ 37.90€ 210.00€32.20€
Czech Republic 6.20€ 37.90€ 210.00€32.20€
Australia6.20€ 37.90€ 210.00€35.00€
Cyprus5.00€ 40.00€ 300.00€32.20€
South Africa5.00€ 30.00€130.00€32.20€
Kenya15.00€ 90.00€800.00€95.00€
Japan15.00€ 50.00€290.00€45.00€
Singapore15.00€ 60.00€450.00€45.00€
Hong-Kong15.00€ 60.00€ 450.00€45.00€
Colombia15.00€ 140.00€1300.00€65.00€


* Depending on the country, fees may apply on phone number porting. Please contact us for more information

Why you should
Port your business phone number

Thanks to portability, keeping your existing phone number while changing your telecom provider is possible in many countries.

Porting your company phone number avoids missing calls from people who don’t have the new one, and changing all your marketing materials where your old phone number appears.

Why you should
Get a local business phone number

Many potential customers prefer to call a business with a local presence rather than a global company.

Getting a company phone number with an area code turns your (inter)national company into a local one and helps you build trust in your community. You can also appear in local directories.

*Local numbers are only possible under special circumstances

Request information
on specific destinations