Mobile fleet – Pooling

Free calls to and from your office fleet

Mobile budget under control

All your employees use a common volume of voice and data.
Reduce waste of partially used individual plan. Both large and small users of mobile communications can use the units available in the pool.


2.50€ / user

Free communications

Free communications between your employees and the office.
Calls to and from your office fleet with both your mobile and fixed numbers are free of charge.

  • Not deducted from the pool
  • Saved volume for external calls

Easier management

Don’t struggle with numerous individual mobile plans anymore. With Mobile Fleet, gain time in the management of mobile subscriptions and control your mobile expenses.

  • Control your volume of data consumed
  • Save on your mobile invoices

Content filtering

Control your data

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Why choose Mobility fleet?

Efficiency, savings and mobility

● Pooling of your users’ communications
● Your mobile communication costs under control
● Gain time in mobile management