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Top factors to consider when developing a hybrid workforce

As the business world changes, new work models emerge. The companies that succeed in adopting them are the ones to remain competitive. Read on this article to discover the top factors you should consider when developing a hybrid workforce.

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Why Are Phones Essential for Customer Support?

Why do the majority of clients still prefer phone-based contact even in our digital era? And how choosing the phone as a primary channel of communication with clients helps you maintain an excellent level of service due to its advantages. Read on to find the benefits of phone-based customer care.

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5 best customer services apps for the business

Zendesk, LiveChat, FreshDesk, Help Scout, or Intercom – which are the key benefits and limitations of the top 5 customer service apps. Read on and choose the best one for your business needs.

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The ultimate office moving checklist 2021

Many companies consider their office move during the summer as it is usually not a busy time for their business. We have gathered for you the ultimate checklist to help you manage this process effortlessly.

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Why choose Microsoft Teams as a telephony solution as well?

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular tools for effective collaboration. It helps your employees improve teamwork and productivity. You can easily chat, share files and data, conduct online meetings, and many more just with a click.