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International Girls in ICT Day

This year on the 28th of April, we celebrate the International Girls In ICT Day. That special day is dedicated to a global movement, whose purpose is to draw more attention to the constantly rising need for more girls and women involved in the ICT sector. In focus for 2022 are access and safety.

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Today we celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day!

As the system administrators are very important for any organization, we have a special day to celebrate their work – in 2021, it is July 30! Read on to learn why and how to celebrate World System Administrator Appreciation Day.

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What makes a company a Great Place to work?

What makes a company a great place to work – great people make it. What other factors make Mixvoip the Best Workplace? Many elements contribute to building a bond between the Mixvoipees.

world telecommunications day

10 interesting facts about World Telecommunications Day

Can you imagine your life without calling your loved ones and colleagues or sending important emails to customers, business partners, friends? Did you ever think about how important is communication in your daily activities?

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Happy World Password Day

It is the first Thursday of May and we celebrate world password day. Today passwords are an integral part of our daily life so it is important to build better password habits. These code combinations can be strange, complex, easy to remember, and even easier to forget.

computer bugs

Why do we call it a “computer bug”?

A “software bug” or a “computer bug” is a widespread term not only among IT experts but among the general public as well. Read on to find out what it means, and where it comes come from.

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World Backup Day – 31st March!

Chances are all your priceless files are on your laptop or mobile, so you can access them at any time. At any time, right? Learn why 31st March is important date for anyone.

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Happy International Internet Day!

Learn some intersting facts about the pioneers of the Internet. What did th first website look like? How was Google named at first or what is the origin of they symbol @, when do we celebrate International Internet Day?