NSI Belgium trusts Mixvoip to handle its customers’ telecom needs

Among the companies with which it works daily, Mixvoip does not only count end customers. The company has built close relations with business partners, from technology providers and service resellers to solution integrators. NSI Belgium, belonging to this last category of partners, did not hesitate to entrust their clients’ needs to Mixvoip when an intervention by a telecommunications specialist is required.

A specialist in Microsoft solutions

NSI Belgium implements a customer-centric approach that relies on innovative technologies. They propose to their customers IT solutions and services designed to help them meet their strategic goals. In addition to its traditional business – ERP, integration of applications, infrastructure, and the provision of its skills that NSI Belgium continues to develop – the company invests heavily in tomorrow’s solutions like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, both technologies in which its teams are already strongly involved.

“With almost 1000 collaborators and five sites in total, The NSI Group covers the French-speaking part of Belgium and Luxembourg. NSI is a subsidiary of the Cegeka group, the majority shareholder with 67% of the capital. In 2021, NSI achieved a turnover of 110 million euros”,

resumes Vincent Dechef, Business Development Manager at NSI IT Software & Services.

“Our Business Solutions department gathers our activities around ERP, especially Microsoft Dynamics 365, the range of editor applications that meets the needs of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. This makes us one of the first – if not the first – Microsoft partners on the market for our geographical coverage”, emphasizes Vincent Dechef. 

To support these activities, NSI Belgium offers its customers the possibility to access their applications via private and public cloud service solutions. The company also offers a large range of services for Microsoft Office 365 solutions.

Mixvoip, a partner on equal terms

“As a specialist for MS Office 365 solutions we have we had to migrate the traditional telephone system of one of our customers to Phone System, the Microsoft technology that allows integrating telephony functions in the cloud Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Teams, says Vincent Dechef.

“Initially, we decided to migrate the customer’s telephony infrastructure to Skype for Business”, he says, “but with this solution, we would have needed to deploy, in our cloud, a server dedicated to this need which would be managed by our team. This would be like removing a telephone exchange and replacing it with a large server! Luckily, the maturation of Microsoft Teams, which is accompanied by new functions, has allowed us to consider the implementation of a complete SaaS solution.”

integration Microsoft Teams

The only thing that NSI Belgium was missing was a strong partner to provide direct routing between the Microsoft solution and VoIP/SIP networks. With Mixvoip, they found exactly the partner they needed. “Mixvoip was already well established in the VoIP sector in Luxembourg and they wanted to extend their business activities to the Belgian market”, remembers Vincent Dechef. “It became clear to us through the specific needs of our client that Mixvoip had strong capabilities, especially the capability to provide phone numbers outside of Belgium, in the regions where our customer was active. The prices offered by Mixvoip were competitive and the quality of their services seemed to be clearly superior to the services from other players on the market.”

“Mixvoip has become our standard solution”

Since then, the collaboration between NSI Belgium and Mixvoip has continued to develop. “Mixvoip has somehow become our standard solution when our customers have specific telephony needs and the native features of Teams are not sufficient to fulfill it”, explains Vincent Dechef.

“With Mixvoip, we have found a partner we can rely on. Our respective businesses and areas of expertise are in no way competing, and our actions complement each other”, he adds.

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