How to manage your calls professionally during the holidays

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Read our checklist on preparing your business for the festive season so your company stays productive and your clients are happy.

The Holiday season already knocks on your door. Again, It is a time of the year when you should inform your clients, prospects, and partners if you change your business hours, days, and availability. It would be best to plan how to communicate this to your callers and organize your customer service during the festive season so that each important call is answered on time.

The good news – you have the best tool to help you with both tasks – your cloud phone system. You can effortlessly record a holiday voicemail message and easily manage and customize it to match your needs. And if you plan to have a dedicated employee or a team to answer the calls during the holidays, they can still do it over a cup of hot chocolate from their cozy homes. Thanks to the enhanced features of your Cloud PBX, you can work from anywhere and with your favorite device. Read our checklist for preparing your business for the festive season. Help your company stays productive, and your clients are happy.

Set a voicemail holiday message.

Holidays are the perfect time to surprise your callers with a positive, more personal, still professional message. Remember that a voicemail greeting can be a smart way to connect with customers, even if you are unavailable now. It is the perfect opportunity to make a positive first impression on potential clients who reach your voicemail box. The main purpose of a special festive voicemail message is to keep your callers informed about when and how to contact you during the holidays. Include the dates your business will be closed and the new opening hours. You can also add an alternative way to contact you via your email or by sending a text message.

Do not forget to give your callers a timeframe during which they can expect a callback or a reply to their email. Knowing that someone will contact them within a certain period encourages them to leave more details about the reason for their call. Always reassure your future or current clients that you will reply to their messages as soon as you are available again. It is a positive statement that shows appreciation and commitment. If you need a little holiday inspiration for the script of your festive voicemail greeting, read our article “9-holiday voicemail greetings for better customer experience“.

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Update your call-handling rules to be flexible.

Use your modern phone system to set special call-handling rules for the holidays. Your IT manager can set rules that apply to the company’s main contact number and correspond to the availability of the team that usually takes these calls. Remind your employees to update their holiday call schedules according to their working plans. For example, they can set all inbound calls to their voicemail box, which plays the prerecorded personal or department festive message. If colleagues are present at the office during the festive season, you can divert the incoming calls straight to the business numbers of your in-office employees. That way, every call will be answered on time, increasing customer satisfaction.

Set a nice voicemail message for Xmas. Hurry up; it’s free until December 19th!  

Use smart call management and remote meetings if the office is closed for the holidays.

If you plan to close your office premises for the holidays, you can still assign co-workers to be available for incoming calls – even if they work from home. You can use mobile apps to work from anywhere and on the most convenient device. Thus you can still have someone answer the company’s phone for emergency cases from the comfort of his home or another location.

Furthermore, you can still attend any important or urgent meetings organized during the holiday’s thanks to audio and videoconference solutions. Check our Home office solutions that allow you to work from anywhere and on any device.

Update your holiday calendar in time.

Regardless of the size of your company, it is always useful for you and your team to be aware of your colleagues’ holidays schedule. Even better if you can see their availability at a glance all in one place. Unless you are closing the whole organization for the holidays, this information is really important. It ensures your business keeps running when part of your staff is on holiday leave.

You can use special leave management tools like Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. With Timelogger and HR software such as SOOP, you can even integrate such information into your phone system. Isn’t that convenient? With the help of the real-status feature, the employees that are at the office know in a glimpse if their collaborators are available or not. Going further, phone calls can be directly routed to available employees, avoiding long waiting and abandoned calls. So do not forget to update your schedule for the festive season and remind your teammates to do the same.

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Assign an on-call agent in case of emergencies.

Depending on your business field, you may need an on–call agent who answers the phone for urgent cases during the holidays. You do not need a special hotline for this purpose, as the fix-mobile convergence allows you to answer and make calls with your office phone number via your mobile. Once you assign the person who will be an on-call agent throughout the holidays, you must announce it to your audience. The best tool for this purpose is the business voicemail message. Make sure that you state clearly the emergency line and the timeframe during which your colleague is available or if it is a 24/7 line. Be always available on your office number, even at home, with the mobile app Mixcall!

Update your opening hours on all your communication channels

Your website – a primary source of information, should contain information about your updated business hours on your home page. You can also add details about the emergency line (if you have such) or any other ways your visitors can contact you – email or text message. Do not forget to mention when they expect an answer in this period.

If your company is presented on different online platforms, you should also announce the changes in your working hours and days. Whether it is your profile on Google my business, your corporate Facebook and LinkedIn page, or a listing in the local online directories – it is highly recommended to update your opening hours on these platforms and post a holiday message with information about your new business hours during the festive season. That way, you can still welcome your callers professionally, even if your company is closed.

Today your cloud phone system helps you keep your customers happy throughout their experience with you during the holidays. It has never been easier to manage your inbound calls during the festive season with the help of its advanced features. Depending on your business needs, you can set up smart call routing, personalized voicemail greetings, or intelligent call handling rules with just a few clicks. This gives you flexibility and ensures better customer service to your callers when you are out of the office.

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