About us

MIXvoip the new solution for Smart Business Telephony

Research & Development

MIXvoip is a company that is based on new and innovative functionalities. It has a highly talented research and development team in Bulgaria. MIXvoip continuously develops in-house cost-effective and customised solutions. Excellence and complete proficiency have been achieved because MIXvoip does not outsource its core capability and development to third-party firms. This guarantees well-developed know-how inside the company. MIXvoip properly adapts to the challenging requirements of the clients.

Redundancy and security

MIXvoip focuses on security, stability and redundancy. Critical information, such as usernames and passwords, is always encrypted before being sent over the Internet. Through regular security audits, real time monitoring and redundant infrastructure, companies always get stable and secure service.

Our team

Loïc Didelot


Frank Maitry


Fred Zeien

Head of Development

Frédéric Vanholder

Business Developer

Josiane Stoffel

Manager Assistant

Nausicaa Rouge

Field Manager

Marcin Rzeczkowski


Vivian Buclier

Support Engineer

Sven Guenther

Field Engineer

Marc Tholl

Network Manager

Philippe Corgié

Marketing Manager

Clemens Kistinger

VoIP Engineer

Christophe Frères


Emmanuel Mayer

Business developer

Christophe Laures


Ana-Filipa Gonçalves


Emil Stoyanov

Team Leader

Hristo Atanasov

iOS Developer

Aleksander Kostadinov

Android Developer

Angel Yordanov

Web Developer

Vesselina Boteva

Quality Assurance

Danail Marinov

Web Developer

Zahari Genkov

Web Developer

Miglena Stoyanova

Office Assistant

Thomas Kolb

Business Developer

Chun Ling Man


Filipe Oliveira dos Santos


Tom Bremer


Here Some Facts about MIXvoip

Smart business Telephony

MIXvoip is an innovative and dynamic company, founded in 2008 by the young entrepreneur, Loïc Didelot. After 8 years of market presence and experience, now, the team consists of 15 people and is made of VoIP and ICT professionals, who have gathered over 50 years of combined market knowledge and know-how. 1000 companies now trust MIXvoip and its average turnover has increased by 200% per year since 2009. This has been possible due to a robust, recurring and profitable business model. The company is funded by private owners who are involved with the operational activities and decisions. MIXvoip provides innovative voice over IP telephony solutions for all type of companies, with a strong focus on small and medium sized businesses.

Integration and support

MIXvoip's solutions are integrated by proven and competent partners who are constantly informed and kept up to date with the latest development and features. MIXvoip, together with its partners, are perfectly aware that smart business telephony, VoIP, cloud and other telephony systems are a critical mission for every business. MIXvoip also makes sure that customers get the right support when needed.

MIXvoip delivers multiple options based on smart business telephony, cloud, VoIP and other telephony services. MIXvoip helps customers to define the most effective and efficient solutions addressing their unique requirements. The ultimate goals are to find and successfully implement the most ideal solutions, considering all the available characteristics.