Mixvoip and the Wagner Group unite their forces!

On the 28 September 2018, the Wagner Group, a Luxembourg-based group that was founded in 1929, became an active shareholder of Mixvoip S.A.

Mixvoip, the dynamic telecommunications operator who offers innovative telephony and cloud connectivity solutions, and the Wagner Group, whose affiliate Wagner-ICT is offering flexible IT & cloud solutions, have united their forces to speed up their growth within and outside of Luxembourg.

The ICT market has considerably evolved during the last couple of years, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Customer expectations are also evolving, more rapidly than ever before, and the need to come up with more flexible IT and telecommunication solutions respecting a very complex regulatory framework is getting stronger.

“This strategic alliance will allow commercial, technological and regulatory synergies which all contribute to a significant growth of the respective activity fields”, said Loic Didelot, CEO of Mixvoip. Even after unifying their forces, the two entities will continue to operate separately, no organizational or operational fusion is planned.

“Our idea is to profit from the strengths of both entities, where and when it makes sense. This allows us to develop new valuable solutions for all our customers and partners”, adds David Celis, Manager of Wagner-ICT.



As a regulated telecommunications operator, Mixvoip develops, commercializes and installs VoIP phone systems that are hosted in the cloud (Mixpbx) as well as the respective telephony infrastructures. Thanks to an attractive and competitive offer, modern technologies and a high service quality, the company’s growth has been stable since its creation. Mixvoip also offers videoconference solutions, business Internet, access and Wi-Fi systems, and a powerful SIP Trunk solution.

Wagner Group / Wagner-ICT

With 80 years of experience, the Wagner Group is constantly investing in perfection. “Over the decades we have broadened and diversified our range of competences in order to guarantee global solutions in the fields of construction technology, design, management and promotion of real estate projects, and ICT. We combine the strengths and capabilities of the Tier IV data center (European Data Hub) and the CMD solutions”, explains Aloyse Wagner, president of the Wagner Group.

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