Jobs at MIXvoip

We know there’s no one quite like you. Your talents, dreams and interests make you who you are. And that’s what we want at MIXvoip. People who dream big – and make those dreams come to life.

At MIXvoip we highly value an attractive working environment that motivates our employees and stimulates the creative abilities and initiative of both individuals and teams. With 44 employees in 3 countries, we understand that the only way to ensure superior service for our clients is with highly talented, qualified and dedicated people.
Our strength lies in the ability to communicate as effective as possible with our customers which is why at MIXvoip we speak several languages, including Luxembourgish, French, English and German. Each of us speak at least two of them, often four.

So join MIXvoip, if you are fond of IT, telephony, network or Linux and if you want a career in a growing and innovative company.