MIXvoip now supports voice encryption via TLS and SRTP

encryption via TLS and SRTP

Voice Encryption

Your calls belong to you. MIXvoip offers the best voice encryption via TLS an SRTP. As telephony is shifting to a full IP service, sometimes people don’t trust a technology where calls are routed via the Internet. MIXvoip offers its customers a full anti-hacking guarantee as standard service and now we have introduced call encryption with TLS and SRTP protocols to help ensure our customers are fully protected.


  • Transport Layer Security, or TLS is a widely accepted cryptographic protocol designed to facilitate user privacy and data security for all communications over the Internet.


  • When SIP signalling is encrypted by TLS, the user’s names and phone numbers are hidden. They are securely exchanged between your unified communication platform and your provider’s softphone application and cannot be captured.


  • Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) is the application that secures the conversations by encrypting the actual audio of the call and video media traffic. It guarantees the protection of the telephone data among many conversation participants.

It is very important to us that our clients and partners feel safe and secure when using MIXvoip phone system. This is the reason why we constantly improve the security levels of our communications networks. Your business success is a key factor for us as well, that is why we provide you with full-featured data integrity and security applications.