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Smart Business Telephony

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Cloud Service

Cloud business telephony

MIXvoip combines cloud service with smart business telephony, VoIP and other telephony services, whereby the cloud system is used in both customizable and standard ways. Furthermore, MIXvoip is user-oriented: It makes sure that users get more effective communications.

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MixVoip Lab

The one-stop shopping address for innovative VoIP services

MIXvoip is a regulated and registered Luxembourg-based company that provides both hardware- and software-based solutions for consumers in any country. MIXvoip lab offers one-stop software development capability for highly innovative VoIP services, due to which the customers get a unique mix of software-based solutions across Europe and the World. This can be attributed to the fact that MIXvoip ensures improved integration between smart business telephony, cloud, VoIP and other telephony services. It is easy for our consumers to get flexible software solutions to improve services to their customer base, which results in a more flexible workflow and highly reduced overall costs.

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Phone Systems

Smart Business Telephony

Our phone systems are integrated with cloud telephony, VoIP and smart business telephony services. These handsets cater to your specific telephony requirements in a customisable and standard way. Compared to traditional phone systems, these devices promise more effective communications, improved cost reduction and greater flexibility. In general, our cloud telephony is affordable, easy and quick and can be applied in any business sphere.

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Telecom Products

The one-stop shopping address for innovative VoIP services.
We offer a unique mix of operator/integrator solutions across Europe.

MIXvoip offers high quality telecom products for a wide range of purposes, including smart business telephony, VoIP, cloud and telephony services. Our telecom products are designed to offer features that enhance your productivity and improve communication. It is incredibly easy to integrate communication between these telecom products; besides, we ensure higher compatibility and interoperability between them. Using our telecom products is about making sure that you continuously use effective features.

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VPN Security

Specialized for Voice over IP

MIXvoip offers VPN security as a way to deliver trusted network connection and highly secure telephony, VoIP and other cloud services that allow performing secure communication with traffic encryption via the VPN termination unit. Additionally, MIXvoip offers traffic routing, Internet filtering, access control and comprehensive bandwidth management features with traffic shaping and QoS (Quality of Service).

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About us

Your smart business telephony solution provider

Research & Development

MIXvoip is a company that’s based on new and innovative functionalities. It has a highly talented research and development team in Bulgaria. MIXvoip continuously develops in-house cost-effective and customised solutions. Excellence and complete proficiency can be achieved, because MIXvoip doesn’t outsource its core capability and development to third-party firms. This guarantees well-developed know-how inside the company. MIXvoip can properly adapt to challenging requirements of the clients.

Redundancy and security

MIXvoip focuses on security, stability and redundancy. Critical information, such as usernames and passwords are always encrypted before sent over the Internet. Through regular security audits, real time monitoring and redundant infrastructure, it is possible for the company to stable and secure service.

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MIXvoip S.a.
Z.I. Rolach (Bâtiment Tracol)
L-5280 Sandweiler
Luxembourg (Europe)

Tel Luxembourg:+352 20 3333 20
E-mail: info@mixvoip.com
Skype: mixvoip-contact

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