Assistant to the CEO

Full-Time Steinsel / Luxembourg

About Mixvoip

We are Mixvoip, a vibrant Luxembourg-based company that provides Cloud Telephony, Smart Networking, and High-Speed Internet services. We believe in offering our customers a fresh take on communication systems, and that’s where you come in!

About the Role

Join us in an exciting, dynamic role that’s far from the usual 9-5 grind! As the Executive Assistant to our CEO, you’ll be working in tandem with one of the key decision-makers in our company, coordinating a variety of initiatives, and taking a hands-on approach to projects. But don’t worry, this is not about being buried in stressful work; it’s about sharing responsibilities, setting the pace, and making sure things run smoothly. We believe in a work culture that’s as engaging as it is productive!

From organizing high-level meetings to leading task forces, from fine-tuning PowerPoint presentations to managing internal communication on our social intranet – you’ll be the linchpin that holds it all together. You’ll be in the driver’s seat for a number of exciting projects and will have the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on our company.

Sounds interesting? Let’s dive into the details.

We’re looking for someone who can:

  • Choreograph meetings: Not just booking rooms and sending calendar invites. You’ll be the conductor, orchestrating everything from planning, to participant engagement, note-taking, and summarizing the outcomes of 1:1 meetings, skip level meetings, board meetings, and shareholder assemblies.
  • Mastermind events: You’ll be our go-to person for event planning and management. Whether it’s organizing bi-yearly team leader meetings, annual vision meetings, yearly getaways, or ‘Open Friday’ events, you’ll be pulling the strings and setting the stage for success.
  • Foster development: You’re not just a facilitator, but an initiator. Spearhead our “Social Intranet” task force and guide our ‘Employee Onboarding’ process, making every newcomer’s integration seamless. You’ll also lend a helping hand in ensuring the adherence and upkeep of ISO 27001 standards across the company, aiding our team leaders to incorporate these best practices and contributing to our company’s commitment to security and excellence.
  • Command tools: We work in a digital landscape, and the mastery of certain tools is a must. If you’re adept with PowerPoint, Excel (or LibreCalc) and have an eye for design in Canva, you’re already a step ahead. But we’re not just looking for someone who can use these tools – we’re looking for someone who loves using them, who’s eager to explore modern SaaS services like or Clickup, and who gets a kick out of finding new and efficient ways to get things done.

As part of this diverse role, your responsibilities will also involve:

  • Harmoniously syncing schedules, maintaining the CEO’s calendar, and cultivating a seamless rhythm of daily activities.
  • Creatively crafting, refining, and ensuring the accuracy of vital documents and presentations.
  • Diving into stimulating research and offering analytical backing for unique projects.
  • Bridging communications and serving as a friendly touchpoint between the CEO and both internal/external stakeholders.

What do we need from you?

  • Communication skills: We value clear, concise communication. You’ll need a strong command of English, but don’t worry if you’re not a novelist – we’re more interested in your ability to get your point across effectively.
  • Tech savvy: In the digital age, being comfortable around technology is a must. We’re not just talking about being able to type quickly – we’re talking about a general aptitude for using the computer effectively. Whether it’s learning a new software quickly or troubleshooting a pesky tech issue, you’re someone who’s undaunted by the digital world

People skills and management strategies enthusiast:

Do you love making connections and thrive in a team setting? If you’re the one always ready to engage, start conversations, and foster relationships, you’ll fit right in!

But we’re not just looking for a people-person. We’re on the hunt for someone with a keen interest in management strategies. Perhaps you follow the latest leadership trends on Spotify or YouTube, or immerse yourself in management articles on LinkedIn. Your curiosity and passion for learning will significantly contribute to our team’s productivity and strategic growth.

A new way to apply: Join Mixvoip’s success story

Join Mixvoip and you won’t just be connecting businesses to high-speed internet, fiber, satellite, phone, or mobile networks – you’ll be connecting people, forging relationships, and making a real difference in our story.

So, if you’re prepared to embark on an engaging journey and play a pivotal role in Mixvoip’s saga, here’s an unconventional route to apply

We invite you to record a brief video with your smartphone. Share why you’re drawn to this role or pose any questions or doubts you might have. It’s about keeping the conversation open and engaging! Please remember to attach your CV in PDF format too.

Instead of a conventional motivational letter, we’d like you to employ chatGPT. This not only mirrors our technology-focused approach, but it also allows you to showcase your adaptability to new tools. It’s less about the letter, more about your interaction with chatGPT that we’re keen on.


Eager to join the ride? Send your video, chatGPT written letter, and CV to We can’t wait to hear from you!

PS: Want to know who you’ll be journeying with? Meet me, Loic Didelot

At 41, I’m a driven entrepreneur with a healthy dose of enthusiasm and determination. You’ll likely pick up on my ‘red’ vibes (according to the ‘Surrounded by Idiots’ color model) pretty quickly. But I also have a ‘blue’ side – a firm belief in the power of planning and organization.

A former handball player, I have a deep-rooted love for teamwork. I’ve seen firsthand how underdogs can come out on top when they work together, and I strive to translate those lessons into Mixvoip’s everyday culture.

An avid reader and podcast enthusiast, I constantly seek knowledge and inspiration in the areas of business, innovation, management, and creativity. If you’re also driven by continuous growth and collaboration, I eagerly anticipate exploring ideas, engaging in lively debates, and generating fresh perspectives together.

Every day, I wake up excited about the possibility of creating something new, making our processes more efficient, and turning mere ideas into tangible realities. So, don’t be surprised if my tone seems dynamic or intense at times – it’s not anger or frustration. It’s simply the raw, powerful passion I carry for Mixvoip.