Mixvoip est un 'Great Place to Work' en 2021

best workplace 2021 mixvoip

Mixvoip a été désigné par Great Place to Work comme l'un des Best Workplaces 2021 !

Chaque année, l'Institut Great Place To Work® désigne les meilleures organisations dans plus de 100 pays pour être un endroit où il fait bon travailler. Cette année Mixvoip participated for the first time in the category of Medium Companies with 50 to 99 employees. Nevertheless, we were acknowledged as the Best Workplace 2021!

Le travail flexible a toujours fait partie de la culture organisationnelle de Mixvoip organizational culture, as we believe it helps our teams be more productive, engaged, and balanced. Moreover, we develop telecom tools that made remote working possible in the first place. And yes, last year was challenging, like it was for the whole world! The demand for our solutions grew fast, and we had to adjust our workflow to the new normal while trying to help every customer quickly solve many communication and collaboration issues. It was not easy, but we made it together!

great place to work mixvoip

As we believe that great people can only make great workplaces, we owe this award to our incredible team of 100 people. They work enthusiastically every day to continuously improve Mixvoip’s products and services. We are very proud that our multicultural team shares the same values and beliefs regarding outstanding professionals and good colleagues and teammates. They all share the company’s vision:

“At Mixvoip, we deliver valuable, flexible, business-critical communication services, improving our client’s productivity and operating efficiency. Our success depends on our commitment to our customers for quality, failure-free service delivery, and our recognition of our employees and partners.”

- Loïc Didelot, fondateur et PDG de Mixvoip -

Mixvoip strives to be a company that promotes a healthy work-life balance, as we know how important it is for our employee’s well-being. Like all organizations, we have daily in-house issues that we try to solve through open communication and honest behavior. But at the end of the day, we know that we do our utmost to meet our employees’ needs in the best possible way. So we are very happy that 100% of them consider the company to be a great place to work.

Work hard, play hard – so they say. Last year nurturing the company’s culture faced many obstacles. Still, we try to maintain the best work environment for our employees to ensure that Mixvoip will continue bringing our clients the best service. Our team’s positive feedback and recognition as a Great Place to Work shows that all the efforts are worth it.

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