Steinsel, Luxembourg – 9 December 2021 becomes a shareholder of Mixvoip and much more becomes a shareholder of Mixvoip: One of the major telecom operators in Luxembourg, also present in Germany and Belgium, receives the support of a powerful technology aggregator.

The men know each other well: in 2004, Loïc Didelot, Manuel Coelho, Xavier Buck, and Pascal Knebler all took part in the creation of the VoIP department from before Loïc and Pascal decided to lay the first stones of Mixvoip a couple of years later. Then, in 2018, Voipgate (the telecom branch of was taken over by Mixvoip.

Beyond the shareholding that is taking, the foundations of a much more advanced partnership are being laid. The resulting will enable both organizations to offer their customers a broader range of connectivity services thanks to expanded network coverage, a connection beyond gigabit with service guarantees and the necessary compliance, and professional support and disaster recovery plans that are often forgotten.

These past months have taught us much, and we noticed a strong demand from our customers to ensure that everyone, working from home or the office, has the same quality of connectivity within the framework of a reinforced security

– Manuel Coelho, CEO of –

With almost 13 years of experience as head of the company, Loïc Didelot recalls that “Mixvoip is a local actor in Luxembourg. This approach will guarantee to the customers of both entities the availability of engineers and the quality of the infrastructure to provide an offer adapted to the specific needs of the companies.”

Xavier Buck insists: “By combining our proximity and an extended 4C service offering (cloud, connectivity, cyber security, and colocation), we will offer a one-stop-shop that guarantees our customers a single point of contact for all their specific business needs in the fields of IT and communication.”

As one of the shareholders of and then of Mixvoip, Pascal Knebler knows very well the two companies. Today, he is in charge of Mixvoip’s international development, and Pascal has a very precise view of the market. “Close to the field and expectations of our customers, I know that the contribution of the talents of both teams and their strengthened collaboration will bring great precision and increased responsiveness to both companies.”

The combined turnover from both companies exceeds today 20 million euros.


Mixvoip: Mixvoip was founded in 2008 and has become one of the leading VoIP telecom operators over the years in Luxembourg. Mixvoip has become the connectivity and ICT partner for more than 4200 business customers in Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany by providing internet access and IT services. With 110 employees, including more than 25 developers, Mixvoip focuses its strategy on internally developed services that anticipate the expectations of professionals in the years to come. While constantly evaluating the innovative potential of new internet technologies, has been driven since its founding in 2000 by an unwavering commitment to facilitating digital transformation within organizations by providing modern cloud, colocation, and connectivity solutions that are secure and ready to use. Today, helps a variety of small, medium, and big companies operating in all sectors of the country’s economy.

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