Top 7 conference phones of 2021

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The best conference phones will deliver high-quality audio and video calls for your remote meetings. They should be easy to manage, use and set up.

Nowadays, having the right conferencing solutions is essential for the business. Since audio and especially video conferencing have seen a dramatic increase in usage in 2020. Companies of all sizes service customers worldwide, hire remote workforce and open new locations. The conferencing tools you choose allow your teams to stay connected to the company’s network and reachable by colleagues from anywhere.

Audio and video conferencing have become an integral part of doing business today. Many telephony services providers offer them as standard features of their advanced cloud phone systems. And while using laptops, phones, or other mobile devices for conducting remote meetings is an option, they are better suited for one-on-one virtual meetings or smaller conferences.

If you insist on having professional equipment with superior audio abilities, then a conference phone is the right choice for you.

Thanks to the multiple built-in microphones with long-range sensitivity, you can filter the background noises during remote meetings. With the help of HD cameras, you can enjoy high-resolution video streaming that is consistent and clear. As a result, all the attendees have a better experience, and the online meetings tend to be more productive and inclusive. We have gathered below the best seven audio conference phones solutions for 2021 to help you conduct successful remote meetings.

1. Polycom Soundstation IP 7000 PoE

Polycom Soundstation IP 7000

Polycom Soundstation IP 7000 PoE is an enhanced, revolutionary IP conference phone for medium-sized board rooms and executive offices. It offers full compatibility with SIP-based VoIP platforms making it one of the most advanced IP conference phones in the Polycom versatile family. If you usually host remote meetings with up to 12 participants and you insist on premium sound quality, then the Polycom Soundstation IP 7000 PoE is the right choice for you. Thanks to Polycom´s HD Voice technology and high-fidelity acoustic audio system, it delivers crystal clear sound and turns any conference call into a natural interactive conversation.

Easy to set up and simple to use, this conference phone is ideally suited to meet the conferencing needs of small to medium companies. Polycom Soundstation IP 7000 PoE is a feature-rich conferencing solution with a multi-line, high-resolution LCD to access advanced applications. Additionally, it stands out with built-in security features that make any inbound and outbound call safe and protected, regardless of where it comes.


• Offers interoperability with SIP call platforms
• Connect to Polycom HDX HD video-conference system to have an integrated video meetings solution

Why will you choose it?

• three built-in microphones and 6m microphone pick-up range
• Patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology
• Large high-resolution LCD 
• Integrated Power over Ethernet
• Advanced call handling, security, and provisioning features
• Full duplex technology

What you may find challenging

• A little outdated from a design point of view
• Could expand the budget set for communication equipment 

2. Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800

Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800

If you are a big company or a growing one, the Polycom Trio™ 8800 conference phone will fit perfectly into your large meetings room. Experts describe it as the most stylish piece of conferencing technology on the market.

Moreover, Poly Trio’s cutting-edge features go beyond your imagination regarding the audio quality of your call conferences. Polycom RealPresence Trio can easily connect to any leading unified communications platform providing a complete integration between first-class audio conferencing experience and business level video streaming. Due to the Poly Trios 8800’s 6-meter microphone pickup range and impressive 5-inch LCD display, the conferencing phone is ideal for large board rooms, supporting effective collaboration between big dispersed teams.

Robust and stylish, the Poly RealPresence Trio is built as a next-generation conference phone that embraces power and simplicity. To achieve ultimate sound quality when using web-based or cloud conferencing services, connect your most convenient personal device to Polycom Trio™ 8800 conference phone. Either wirelessly via Bluetooth/NFC, IP, or wired via USB. You can find all the features of the Poly Trio range accessible by the on-screen virtual keyboard. Hosting a large remote meeting is as simple as one touch on the conference phone’s display.


• Elegant design
• Polycom’s HD Voice & Noise Block

Why will you love it 

• 3 Cardioid Microphones
• 12.7cm Colour LCD Display
• Onboard Bluetooth technology
• One-step-to-join meeting integration
• 360° microphone coverage

What you may find challenging

• Integrations with other communications systems can be improved.

3. Konftel 300IPx

Konftel 300IPx

A stylishly designed SIP-based conference phone with a built-in bridge for 5-way calls, Konftel 300IPx can effortlessly facilitate team meetings with over 20 participants. Besides the convenient web-based configuration and the Power over Ethernet option, Konftel 300IPx features a patented Omnisound HD technology for crystal clear audio quality during your meetings. 

The main advantage is the Konftel Unite mobile application which allows you to join and manage the conference calls right from your smartphone via this dedicated app. Attendees can use their smartphone’s contact list to make calls, mute the phone, adapt volume, and control other features of their voice call without the need to press buttons on the phone keyboard. Konftel 300IPx conference phone is the perfect solution for efficient and convenient remote meetings. Among its top features is the ability to record and store meetings with an SD card slot.


• Konftel Unite app
• Built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) for quick connections to the Unite mobile app
• One-touch functionality

Why will you love it?

• OmniSound HD audio support
• Memory card recording
• Built-in bridging function
• Microphones: 1 (two additional microphones can be added)
• Mic range: Omnidirectional
• Connectivity: Ethernet, Mini USB, Bluetooth (for control only)

What you may find challenging

• Some companies can find it too complicated a solution to manage the meetings.

4. Snom MeetingPoint IP

Snom MeetingPoint IP

Snom MeetingPoint IP is a business-level VoIP conferencing phone. This SIP-based solution is ideal for team conferencing in medium to large meeting rooms. It is specially designed for executive offices and large lookalike boardrooms. The Snom MeetingPoint IP features dynamic noise reduction and adaptive sound control along with full duplex broadband audio. All these state-of-art voice technologies guarantee premium sound quality during the conference calls.

Additionally, there is one built-in microphone and two other wireless DECTS microphones that can be placed wherever is most convenient. It ensures great flexibility for the participants during the meeting, allowing them not to be chained constantly to the meeting table.

Currently, it is the only SIP conferencing phone that works in cooperation with Microsoft Office Communication Server. Best suited for up to 10 participants in a single location, Snom MeetingPoint IP incorporates a host of impressive features that transform remote meetings into lifelike conversations.


• Works with any SIP-based IP PBX
• Integrates with Microsoft Office Communication Server

Why will you love it?

• OmniSound full duplex broadband sound technology
• Backlit graphical LCD
• Power support over ethernet
• two detachable wireless microphones
• Supports 3 or 4 way conferencing
• 3-meter range – suitable for ten people

 What you may find challenging

• A relatively pricey solution

5. Konftel Ego

A classic conference phone at the best price. Konftel Ego is not the most feature-packed conference phone, but it is highly affordable and serves its purpose – to facilitate effectively small remote meetings. The built-in rechargeable battery and its tiny size make it the perfect portable conference phone that fits even in the smallest office space. If you need to communicate and collaborate from outside of the office, this sounds like the perfect conferencing solution.

It is supplied with an omnidirectional microphone, and you can start or join an online meeting from anywhere – your car if you are in traffic or an airport lobby while waiting for your flight. The Konftel Ego conference phone is a must-have tool for your remote meetings if you are a start-up or small company, as it can handle conference calls with up to 6 people in the room. It is not a feature-rich conferencing system, but it is a budget-friendly reliable phone with basic functionalities. 


• Compact size, portable
• Compatible with collaborative tools like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom

Why will you love it?

• Omnisound with HD audio
• 12-hour battery powered
• USB/Bluetooth connection
• color LCD screen

 What you may find challenging

• Lack of advanced features
• Suitable only for small online meetings

6. Cisco 7937G Conference Phone

Cisco 7937G Conference Phone​​​​​​

Cisco Unified phones are an excellent conference call solution for large boardrooms to host big remote meetings. The Cisco 7937 Conference Phone is optimized for handling meetings in large boardrooms and big teams as it is equipped with a full-duplex wideband Codec for wideband acoustics. It can deliver excellent sound quality at large distances.

Meetings rooms with a size of 9×12 meters. can be covered with the help of external microphones easily connected to the Cisco 7937G Conference Phone. If you are looking for a feature-rich conferencing system that combines cutting-edge wideband speakerphone conferencing technologies with outstanding Cisco communications technologies, this is the right choice for you. An IP-based conference phone with a host of advanced features optimized for hands-free conferencing that supports your successful remote meetings.


• Equipped with the G.722 Wideband Codec for wideband audio for superb voice and microphone quality

Why will you love it?

• Automatic echo suppression, gain control, and dynamic noise reduction
• Support for IEEE Power over Ethernet (PoE) or the Cisco Power Cube 3
• Large meeting room coverage of up to 9 x 12 meters with external microphone
• New larger backlit liquid crystal display (LCD)

What you may find challenging

• Not a native SIP device, only available with the Cisco standard SCCP protocol

7. Yealink CP960 Optima HD IP Conference Phone

Yealink CP960 Optima HD IP Conference Phone

Yealink CP960 is a premium quality conference phone designed for medium to large conference rooms. With its help, you can easily host large-scale remote meetings with widespread participants. This new release of the Yealink CP960 IP conference phone stands out with a 12,7 cm touchscreen that puts all your conferencing needs at your fingertips. It is simple for use, yet with advanced features, based on a powerful Android 5.1 operating system.

Yealink CP960 provides crystal-clear audio quality thanks to the three built-in microphones and 360-degree microphone pick-up range. The user-centric elegant design of this HD IP conference system supports a radius of 6 meters for speakers in the room. The array can be expanded to 18 meters by connecting optional wireless microphones or external loudspeakers.

You can easily pair your wireless or wired mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops to the Yealink CP960 via Bluetooth and USB Micro-B port. This smart conferencing phone provides Optimal HD audio, full-duplex technology, and acoustic echo canceling, providing the participants with the best conference experience during the remote meeting.


• Call recordings
• Connect to a mobile device or PC for conference calls

Why will you love it?

• Microphones – 3 
• Microphones pickup range – 6 m / 360 degrees 
• Optional wireless microphones for 18-meters pick-up
• Connectivity – Bluetooth, Micro-USB
• Ideal for large conference rooms
• Sound quality – Optimal HD voice
• Design – 12.7cm multi-touch screen with 720×1280 resolution

What you may find challenging

• If you run a small business, it could be a pricey conferencing solution for your communication needs.

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Call conferencing is already a set standard for collaboration with remote teams, partners, or customers. To be sure that your online meetings are effective, you should carefully choose your conferencing phone so that it meets your communication and conferencing needs.

There are many offers on the market depending on your budget and specifications. Yet, the most important feature for any conference phone remains the audio quality it may provide. That’s why when choosing the best tool for you, look for a product that combines HD voice with high-quality, specialized microphones. It ensures that your conferencing system can manage echo cancellation, noise reduction, and full-duplex.

Choosing a well-designed conference phone helps you improve the productivity of your online meetings. Participants are more engaged as they focus on the discussion topics and are not distracted by the constant sound interruptions. The advanced conferencing systems help the teams interact easier and more effectively, turning the remote meeting into a lifelike conversation.

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