Telecom Products

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunk is an easy way to connect any telephone system to the MIXvoip service

Session Initiated Protocol is an essential technology to ensure higher usability of VoIP. In the digital world, especially with users that are fully integrated with smart business telephony, cloud systems, VoIP platforms and other telephony services, SIP is essential to make their business work well with latest technology. With SIP technology, MIXvoip ensures that users always utilize a wide range of communication capabilities, such as video conferences, instant messaging, PBX and other collaboration systems. With SIP trunking, our standard phone system is translated directly to the VoIP platform. With SIP, you will not have to separate data and voice communication, especially when there is integration between smart business telephony, cloud, VoIP and other telephony services.

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gateway from Patton-Inalp

MIXvoip offers ISDN gateway that ensures smart business telephony is connected to traditional phone lines and other telephony services to transmit data while a Internet Connection is not available.

Moreover, ISDN gateways send images, videos and other information that are much faster than typical digital transmission over a PSTN Line. Like cloud and VoIP systems, ISDN uses multiple channels to transmit digital data. For example, Channel B is used to send the actual digital information and Channel D is essential for signal and control operations. Regardless of the configuration, consumers get information at very high data rate. MIXvoip ensures improved operation when combined with other platforms on the market.

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Session Border Controller

Session Border Controllers are available in different forms and shapes. Enterprises and operators use them to achieve multiple goals. MIXvoip offers SBC to adequately secure IP-based voice communication or VoIP. It integrates with smart business telephony, cloud services and other telephony platforms. Traditional data firewall is not up to the job of making real-time IP voice traffic safe. Something else is needed and that is the reason why Session Border Controllers are essential. MIXvoip implements various session security technologies to make VoIP, standard telephony and smart business telephony safe. SBC is not only intended to improve security, but also to add more possibilities whenever necessary, especially for corporate users who always expand their operations.

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