This is MIXvoip

My team goes above and beyond to make customer service a TOP priority. Our clients have the choice between many providers, and we never forget that point

Loïc Didelot, founder and CEO of MIXvoip

43 people working in a flexible environment showing talent, dedication & resilience

Loïc Didelot
Frank Maitry
Partner - Strategic Account Manager
Philippe Corgié
Partner - Head of Administration & Compliance
Pascal Knebler
Partner - CIO
Alasdair Barclay
CEO of Firstline Sa
Fabrice Deisser
Implementation Manager
Vivian Buclier
Head of Support
Ana-Filipa Gonçalves
Christophe Frères
Christophe Laures
IT Engineer
Chun Ling Man
Field Technician
Clemens Kistinger
Senior VoIP Engineer
Emmanuel Mayer
Business Development Manager
Daniela Serafim
Marketing Assistant
Fred Zeien
Head of Development
Frédéric Vanholder
Senior Business Developer
Josiane Stoffel
Manager Assistant
Marc Tholl
Network Manager
Marcin Rzeczkowski
Nausicaa Rouge
Service Delivery Manager
Sven Guenther
Field Engineer
Thomas Kolb
Business Development Manager
Tom Bremer
Field Technician
Jörn Brinkmann
Business Development coordinator
Paul Fabri
Sandro Vidal-Facote
Ilja Ionov
Visual Designer
Delphine Schrepfer
Head of Digital Marketing
Sami Hachicha
Business Development Manager
Gilles Clement
Field Technician
Frank Schenkewitz
Business Development Manager (Germany)
Sam Jahan
Business Development Manager (Belgium)
Pol Warnimont
IT Engineer
Roger Sousa
Head of I.T.
Nuno Pereira
Trainee Technician
Emil Stoyanov
Team Leader
Angel Yordanov
Web Developer
Zahari Genkov
Web Developer
Hristo Atanasov
iOS Developer
Nickolay Todorov
UX & Digital Marketing
Miglena Stoyanova
Office Assistant
Danail Marinov
Web Developer
Aleksander Kostadinov
Android Developer

Regulated Telecom Provider since 2008​


MIXvoip, regulated telecom provider, develops, sells and installs Cloud hosted VoIP telephone exchanges (MIXpbx) and internal telephone infrastructures for business customers. Based on an attractive and competitive offer, advanced technology, and quality of service, the company’s growth is constant since its foundation. In addition to business telephony MIXvoip offers flexible solutions of Videoconferencing, Business Internet, integration of access control, WiFi and competitive SIP trunk.