Session Border Controller

Operators of VoIP platforms use SBC as a type of controllable access point to improve the performance of the whole infrastructure. Accordingly, all calls coming are passed through SBC for a variety of purposes. With SBC, users always enjoy the following features:

  • Hide internal details about VoIP infrastructure from other users and operators
  • Decide which calls are to be rejected or accepted
  • Check the overview of the incoming message to make that they are safe to receive
  • Protect internal networks from denial of service attacks
  • Set up secure connections between enterprises or operators
  • Compliance to regulations

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Further information

Customers deploy SBC in different scenarios and the exact features they use depend on their usages scenarios. Please contact MIXvoip to decide on how SBC is implemented based to your condition, especially if you want to integrate with smart business telephony, cloud services, VoIP platforms and other telephony capabilities.

With our professional Technology it is always easy for us to establish a secure border between core VoIP components, such as conventional phone gateway and server applications. Other features customers get from SBC include:

  • Topology hiding: A common fraud scenario involves attackers detecting the address of the gateway and trying to access it. They start using or selling the telephony minutes after they have directly accessed the gateway. MIXvoip’s SBC solutions prevent this attack by hiding details about the network topology.
  • Protection against denial of service and overload attacks: One common problem in the Internet is that there are people with good technical skills who know how to attack specific services. MIXvoip’s SBC offers detection and prevention of DoS attacks by using specific mechanisms. This includes traffic limiting, prioritization of registered users and dynamic blacklisting.
  • Regulatory features:Session border controllers are the only point in the network where signalling and information packets are routed. This is an ideal place for establishing regulatory features, including effective data interception.
  • Fraud prevention and access control: MIXvoip’s SBC has the ability to identify and reject non-relevant calls. This will help to detect misuse and frauds. Based on the collected data, we are able to execute specific policies, such as adding limits on dropped calls..