Cloud Video Conferencing

Virtual video room based on Vidyo
– 7 Seats included
Support for:
– Android, iOS
– Mac, Windows
– WebRTC (Safari, Chrome ,Firefox)
– VoIP: SIP / H323

Web Conferencing Platform for Video Call & Chat

A full range of HD video conferencing solutions for universal visual communication from all types of terminal, on all types of networks, without the need to invest in a costly network upgrade.

MIXvoip can help you deploy video conferencing, and shorten the distances between company employees, customers or suppliers. Extremely easy user experience,  to talk with one person or more, in the office, on site, or to decide all together at the sight of a project.

More Conference Phones from MIXvoip.
polycom ip 5000
Polycom IP 5000

Polycom IP 5000 ...

yealink VC800
Yealink VC800

Yealink VC800 ...

Polycom IP 7000
Polycom IP 7000

Polycom IP 7000 ...

Yealink CP960

Yealink CP960 ...

vidyo cloud conference office video chat

Cloud Video Conferencing ...

Polycom IP 6000
Polycom IP 6000

Polycom IP 6000 ...

Yealink T49 S
Yealink T49G

Yealink T49G ...