Mixvoip is now connected to DE-CIX!

This is a major step for our network. DE-CIX is the biggest Internet exchange in the world, transporting on average 8,5 Terrabit/second (8500 Gigabit/s).

This new connection now directly connects Mixvoip to over 2000 networks around the world, including Google, Facebook, AWS, Microsoft and many more (Blizzard and Valve as well 😉). This have not only grown the potential bandwidth our network can transport but also cut down the latency to all those networks which helps our customers use their services better. DE-CIX is not the only Internet exchange we are connected to:

• DE-CIX Frankfurt
• DE-CIX Düsseldorf
• DE-CIX München
• DE-CIX Hamburg
• ECIX Frankfurt
• ECIX Düsseldorf
• France-IX Paris

All these connections have made us one of the best connected networks in Luxembourg.

More about DE-CIX

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